Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update and Much Gratitude!

I just wanted to update everyone on Karsen. Today we went and saw his Prosthetics Dr. Pete and his Ortho Dr. Marci and they like how he is healing and moving around. We are all concerned with where the Skin Graft is on the back side of his leg. The skin is not very flexible and looks as though it is stuck to the bone. The "sock" we put on before his Transformer prosthetic leg is silicone and is meant to to help his leg heal. When we put him in his leg for too long it rubs wrong and breaks the skin down creating scabbing. Marci told us to take him into his Plastic Surgeon Dr. Faizi and have him look at it. We most likely will end up doing a surgery to help loosen up the skin. We are scheduled to go in on January 12th so we will see what happens. I am happy to report we no longer need Scooby!! It is too big and he is getting around just great without it. He's actually quite the monkey.

I also took Karsen into his Pediatrician and ENT to have his 3 year old check up and his ear tube check up. Karsen had tubes put in his ears in December of 2007 and last February he had to have one replaced and the other unclogged. He gets ear infections and congested so often he really doesn't complain it's almost normal. I had both of these appointments set up right around the time of the accident and had to obviously hold off. Anyhow at his 3 yr check up our Pediatrician had told me that the right tube had fallen out and to keep an eye on him. Low and behold a week or two later he woke up in the middle of the night very uncomfortable we didn't know if it was his leg or his ear until the next morning. We took him in and the doc said he had a RAGING ear infection. We got him on antibiotics and I asked if we needed surgery to please do it before the end of the year and so we are on January 31st. Squeezing it in before deductibles start all over. He's amazing he will have had more surgeries then all of us combined poor dude!

On a much more HAPPIER & HUMBLER note I want to express our GRATITUDE to EVERYONE!! We have seen so many blessings and miracles in our time of trial and I feel like I can't express enough to everyone how incredibly thankful we are. We have had so many of you pray for us, donate money, donate time, donate food, and now donate several Christmas gifts for our family. I am overwhelmed with how Thankful I am and feel bad that I don't know how to show everyone how I feel. I love all of you and want you to know that the prayers, kind words, cards, concern, donations of all kinds, help with the kids, help with our home and absolutely everything has not gone unnoticed in anyway shape or form. Please let us know how we can return the favor and pay it forward.



Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on My baby!

So I haven't updated lately we have all been so busy just trying to get things done.
I wanted to give you an update on Karsen. We got his prosthetic "Transformer" leg and had him in it twice a day for about 20 minutes each. We worried a little because his leg was healing and is bone was right up against the skin graft nearly poking through. We went in for a check up and was told to watch him close. It started looking better and they upped his time in his leg. We are now up to 2-4 hours a day.
I put his leg on today and then took him out and about and it was so nice to have him up and moving around. ALMOST normal. He struggled here and there but I took him out to take the girls to gymnastics and Jaxon to try Karate. While we were there he was very brave and walked everywhere. He even walked through the parking lot. Then we went in to watch the girls finish up and when we were leaving he wanted to run to the car like Jaxon and Larsen so I took his hand and we tried it. WOW he's so awesome he made it to the car and climbed in like he used to.
I am so excited to see him do new things. Like try to stand on one leg and hop or walk using his Scooby leg. I am hoping to re-potty train him soon very soon!!
Anyway that is what he is up to these days.

On another note...
Many people have asked how I am doing and to be honest I struggle. Some days are fine and some moments royally suck. I am truly inspired by his progress and absolutely love his perseverance. He makes me want to do more, work harder and be the best woman I can be.
My biggest struggle is the constant reminder. Had both his legs broken they would be healed by now but no everyday I am reminded of the horrible accident. I try my hardest not to see his screaming face or his leg all torn up or the hard moments but it is there. I am doing many things that help me through it. The mind is a powerful tool. I usually take the negative thought and think of the positive or just try to change my mind quickly. I work out almost everyday I have found it to be helping me a ton. Lifting weights relieves stress. I have also picked up more in my Mary Kay business. I have learned a lot of attitude and emotional management in my business and I didn't think that it would help me so much with a life situation. I absolutely love what I do. I love being a beauty consultant and help women all around me feel better about themselves and the amazing women I work with on my team and in my unit. I love helping change lives.

Between Karsen's amazing abilities, the strength of my beautiful children, my workout regime and my Mary Kay business things are getting better. I am of course only human so I know each day comes with its trials and it is up to me to decide how I will react.

Thank you to all of you who have helped us out I am at a loss for how to show my gratitude.
Just Recently...
My Aunt Peggy I love you. She sold over 400 loaves of her homemade wheat bread to raise over $600 for Karsen's trust fund. WOW!! Thank you so much and to everyone that supported her and our family. I had no idea she was doing it.

My dear friend and sister Director Jolinn Andrease and her Awesome family did a VERY SCARY Haunted House in their basement and raised over $1200 to go to Karsen's Trust Fund. Unbelievable Jolinn you are amazing and I value our friendship ever so much.

One of my favorite MK Mentors National Sales Director Julianne Nagel Hackett had a very powerful Fall retreat with the consultants and Directors in her area. She had asked me to come and speak at her retreat about the will to win. I spoke of Karsen's unfortunate event but the many things we have done to push through it and have the will to win. Their area too raised over $1000 to go to Karsen's trust fund. She personally had been donating 5% of her Party with a purpose sales just for Karsen. Julianne you are simple outstanding and I love you so much for training me in my younger MK years. I will POP with Pride!! Thank you too all over those that held a Party with a purpose you have truly touched our lives.

We have felt so overwhelming blessed and loved from so many giving people. All of you out their THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your continued blessings, prayers, love and donations have done so much in Karsen's speedy recovery and will allow us the best care for him.

Much Love & Gratitude,


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Karsen's Extraordinary Determination!!

So I haven't reported much since we've been home. But since we got Karsen's new Transformer leg he has slowly gotten used to it. He is nervous and scared but today he broke belief barriers for all of us. He is simply amazing and we can't believe how determined he is. He faces his fears and does it anyway.

Karsen's 1st steps on his Transformer Leg!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok so there were so many pics I couldn't even put them all on here so I did a little video. So it's not too little it's like 12 or 13 minutes so enjoy!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The 5K for Karsen was UNBELIEVABLE!! We guesstimated that 300-350 people were there and we raised over $6000. Rick and I were literally blown away to see family, old and new friends, people we work with and complete strangers. We had a great time thank you to Jason and Cindy Jacobson for coordinating everything to the 2nd ward for the breakfast it was all fantastic, Steve Crane and the donation of Fat Boys, Macey's for their donation of oranges and $100 gift certificate and Costco for the Water bottles and to Wasatch Running for the racing bibs and the giveaways. The shirts from Zues Printing were AWESOME loved them!! I am going to try and create a slide show I have tons of pictures. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME OUT TO SUPPORT MY LITTLE MAN KARSEN AND OUR FAMILY IT MEANS THE WORLD TO US!! LOTS OF LOVE!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shriner's Adventure Day 2 and what's up today!

Ok so Tuesday morning I got up early to go run (gotta prep for the 5k and the gym is great therapy:) Got home hurried and got us all ready. Ran the girls to school and Jaxon to Aunt Chelsea's for preschool. We got up to Shriner's and went to prosthetic's. We met with Pete and he brought in Karsen's new Scooby Doo plastic sleeve. Karsen flipped out and no longer wanted it he wanted to keep his leg wrapped the way it was. After spending time trying to calm him down and getting him to cooperate we finally got it on. After he realized he was just fine and then loved it so we went to show Marci and she was so happy to see him and loved the new sleeve. The sleeve keeps his leg straight till we can actually get him a prosthetic leg. If he were to leave it bent it would ruin his chance of being able to where a prosthetic leg. He was super excited to show everyone his new leg.

After we left the hospital I went a different went home and ended up near my grandparents house so we went to see them. My grandpa had a meeting so my Grandma Norma, Karsen and I went to get a subway sandwich. It was really nice just us 3.
We got home and I attempted to nap while he laid with me talking to me a lot I gave him his meds when we got home cause he whined quite a bit and I wanted to help him. Hello VALIUM makes him happy and talkative but NOT tired.
I went to my Mary Kay meeting like I do every Tuesday and I got a text from Rick's facebook saying he was watching Karsen go up the stairs. I tried to tell him to hold him down I was on my way home but Karsen had even started without his knowledge. But dad videotaped it Thank Goodness!!
I got home and he was playing waiting for me to give him a bath. Marci wanted to have us give a bath today. The first real bath in 3 weeks woohoo!! Rick and I put him in and again doing something new with his leg unwrapped really stressed him out. He was uneasy for a bit but a few toys and realizing it wasn't going to hurt helped him relax. It was neat to see Jaxon interact with him. He was very cool while seeing his leg and the skin graft and everything. It's been great to see them play for a while they didn't get along. We got Karsen all cleaned up and now he is not so nervous.

We have shown the girls Karsen's leg and let them ask questions and I do my best to answer all of them. Except the details of the accident. I'm not a fan of talking about that with them. They know what they need to know. HE IS LITERALLY MY HERO. He is so strong and amazing. Very determined and very independent. I love my Karsen so much and couldn't be more proud of him and all of my kids for who they are and the love we have in our home.

ON a side note. Through all of this we just went to Parent Teacher Conferences for the girls and they are ROCKSTARS!! They both are way above grade level for reading and are doing great in every subject. Jazmine is doing so great in every area and even though she has missed a lot of school having strep 2 times. Kyliane is the big helper in her class she finishes her work and then helps her friends with theirs. Seriously makes me so happy to see how well they are doing even though they have been through this all with us. I have amazingly smart independent children. LOVE THEM!!

Shriner's adventure Day 1

So last Saturday some friends of ours invited us to go out to dinner with them so we took up the offer and went to dinner. As we were sitting down I got a phone call that stressed me out a bit. My babysitter Raygan called and said "Nicole I was taking him to the bathroom and please don't be mad!" She was plainly scared and stressed out. So I tried understand her then she passed the phone over to my friend Ruth who she had called over to help her.
Basically Karsen had to go potty (#2) and Raygan put him on the potty but didn't take his pants off all of the way. He had gotten some poop on his pants and she went to pull them off well his splint had come off with it. SCARED HER TO DEATH!! Rightfully so I probably would've freaked out too. As I was talking to Ruth I could hear Karsen crying. Of course I was way freaked myself. I hurried and called the Dr's offices trying with 2 phones to get a hold of someone to tell me what to do. We were told when we left the hospital not to let him put pressure on his leg or rub it on anything so my main concern was that it had rubbed the skin graft. I finally got a hold of a plastic surgeon and he made me feel 1000 times better. He said the skin graft would be just fine since its been two weeks. He explained how to rewrap it so I called Ruth and Raygan and Becky (Rachel the friend I was out to dinner with had called her she lives like 3 houses down and is a nurse) I told them how to do it. They took great care of him he had talked to me and told me he was all better. The good news is that he wasn't really in pain just really freaked out. It was new to him.
Sunday came along and we were at Rick's Sisters for his mother's birthday dinner and his splint had slid down again past his knee. So Rick, Steve (my bro in law) and I went in the bedroom and rewrapped it again. He freaked out and wanted it back on again. I have to admit it was REALLY HARD to see it. I did all I could to keep myself together to get it taken care of. His swelling has gone down and so the splints that were molded around his leg no longer fit.
Monday morning I had taken him and Jaxon to Ruth's while I went with the girls to Harmony and when I picked him up it was sliding again. I brought him home and so I unwrapped it and started making phone calls.
Jaxon was the only one here with me I asked him to help me keep him distracted and he totally did as he stared at his leg he kept saying "Karsen watch Scooby Doo" he was such a big boy about it and handled seeing it very well. I got a hold of the doc's and they said take him to Shriners.
I took Jax back over to Ruth. So thankful for her!!
Karsen and I went up to Shriners where we were checked right in and taken back to the casting room. As we were hanging out I was distracting him because his splint was off. We read books, sang some songs and laughed. As we were hanging out his Plastic Surgeon walked in the room by chance. I was actually listening to a message from his office. He said let's take a look at it. Unwrapped it and said it looks great! I asked if he was sure and he said I know it looks terrible to you but it looks just fine to me. So that saved me the appointment on Thursday with him. Then Marci his Ortho doc came in and checked him out and took out his staples. She sent us to Prosthetics to be fitted for his plastic sleeve. His Camo Scooby Doo leg is what he calls it. Then we went down and resplinted it and then we were sent to Physical Therapy they were closed till 1 so we went and had lunch together. We headed up there and they gave him a walker and WOW is all I can say. He was amazing. Crawled off the bed he was on and walked across the room a little. He is so strong it was such a happy moment for both of us.
5 hours later with no stroller we were very ready to go home. We had done so much in one day I think we were both so exhausted. When we got home he was so excited to show Daddy, Jazmine, Kyliane and Jaxon how he could hop with his walker. They were so supportive and excited for him. It made me as a mother feel so proud to be their mother. I was so happy and full of joy to see them cheering him on.

5K Run/Walk & BREAKFAST!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just got back from Shriners...

.Karsen loves his new Scooby Doo leg. He freaked out for a bit but now he can't wait to show daddy, Jaz, Kyli & Jaxon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting used to things....

Nothing holds Karsen back!

Karsen gets his walker!

Karsen has had a productive morning. We came up cuz his casting was coming off. Then his plastics doc gave us the ok. Then Marci our ortho doc (love her) took out the staples. Then Pete made him a plastic cast we will get tomorrow. Here he is with the PT for a walker. Long morning :) but we are great.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At home

Ok so I feel bad I haven't updated you on my little mans progress so here I am. Wow coming back to life is a reality shock. Fortunately Rick has been home so he has helped tremendously. He makes a better housewife then I do. This has given me a chance to jump back into my Mary Kay business and get to work. I love that I get to work around my family. I have never been so grateful for that until now. I have an amazing team they are the "Rockstars" and they have blown me out of the water from their hard work and perseverance. I also have found that I am grateful for working when I am strong to build a cliental and unit so that if and when an accident or illness occurs I can take as much time off as I need with wonderful women to help pick up where I can not. Thank you Krista Johnson my senior director for all that you do for me! The only unfortunate thing is Rick not working makes it a lot harder around here financially. If he's not working he's not making any money. Gotta love construction :)
Anyway on to what is going on. We got home on Thursday. On our way home we picked up Jaxon from preschool and he was so excited to see Karsen in the car. Even told him he loved him. Then Jazmine had called and said she wasn't feeling well so I figured what the heck I'll go pull the girls out of school and they were so excited to see Karsen when they got home it was awesome.
The kids have adjusted well and have been great helpers. Jaxon's been given the job to be our monitor and tell us if Karsen wakes up. After a few days he didn't like that job so much. He would come tell us Karsen was awake and then climb in our bed as one of us would go take care of Karsen. He's been playing and helping Kars as well as fighting with him like normal. Gotta love boys.
Jazmine and Kyli have been great big sisters and have helped out by doing activities with him and hanging out with him. They are awesome.
We have been just plugging along. Our daily care for Karsen isn't too bad. We have to unwrap and rewrap his donor site leg. We also blowdry his bandage a little to help it dry out faster. We don't have to do anything with his left leg. We go in on Thursday the 22nd to see his plastic surgeon and his ortho surgeon.
Today he has tried to get himself around a little. His buddy Bronson Dixon came over to play and I put Karsen on the floor to play cars with him. I heard him over by the stairs playing with some monster trucks on the bottom step. He is definitely a find a way make a way type of kid.
His pain has been pretty mild and has been really good for the most part. He is sleeping well through the night and loves snuggling in the morning.
Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support without them all I don't know where we would be. I will continue to keep updating on the progress of his speedy recovery!

Monday, October 12, 2009

CHILI's DAY!! and a few other things

Today is the Chili's Fundraiser for Karsen. I have a wonderful friend Joy Zoellner. She works at Chili's and will be there all day. If you need a flyer she has extra's so please ask for her. Thank you to all of you who are planning on going. We appreciate the support and love you all. You have no idea how grateful Rick and I are for everything you all have done for our Family.

Our family will be there at 6pm to enjoy dinner as well.

Also my great friend Melony Pulley is hosting a Lia Sophia/Glitter Toes/Mary Kay Open House
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Melony's Home
4717 Aire Drive

This is a fun filled evening that will benefit The Karsen Mery Trust Fund! Amy Blair has signed on to offer $20.00 glitter toes that evening and donate proceeds to the Trust as well! Check her out on usually they are $25 but for this fundraiser she'll do them for $20 and donate to our cause! Also I am a sales director for Mary Kay and will be on hand to provide color makeovers and any products you might have. This will all help support Karsens health as he grows and help support the family as their ability to work is deeply reduced in dealing with this!

Thanks again for the love and support!! Hope to see you tonight.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah, Home sweet home....

Now, this is where I belong!

A picture says a thousand words.....


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Karsen just finished his last procedure. They removed the wound vac and his graft looks awesome. He is healing great and it is doing what it needs to do. They redressed his donor site (they said that will hurt a little) and it is healing good as well. He's such a champ. Get to rest tonight and go home in the morning. 2 weeks exactly from his accident. Thank you again for all the love, support, messages, prayers, gifts and donations. I know that Heavenly Father has heard you all and has blessed my baby and our family beyond measures.
Love & Belief, Nicole

Day 14...

I am hangin out here with Karsen. He's playing playdoh and watching some cartoons. We are anxiously waiting for 5pm to come around. They plan to take him back to the OR to take the wound vac off of the Skin Graft and redress the graft donor site.

What's happened these last couple days...
Sunday we had my parents bring up Jazmine, Kyli and Jaxon. They are the other three kids we have for those of you that don't know much about your family. Jazmine is 8, Kyli is 6 and Jaxon is 4 (almost 5). We wanted them to come up and hang out with Karsen with no other kids around. We have some great friends and family that have been taking them while we have been up here. Everytime they come up they have their cousins or friends so they don't get to sit and play with Karsen. We had them here till about 7 pm when we sent the girls home with Paige and Jaxon with Ruth and Jason.

Monday was a rough day Karsen wasn't feeling well all day and we have to keep him in his room unless we go on walks in the wagon. We did have a physical therapist come in and rush us into a wheelchair. Little did she know he is supposed to be in bed, in our lap or in the wagon. So yeah it didn't go well. Other then that he was tired and blah all day. He perked up when Grandma Debbi and Aunt Tali showed up with Stevie, Drew, Domi and Lexi. I decided to go home to be with the kids for the night. Since Karsen is really enjoying having his dad to himself I figured one of us needed to. I also do all of the finances for our businesses and when you ignore them for over a week especially at the change in months people tend to not be happy. So I went home to take care of that and payroll and whatnot. It was a good distraction.

Honestly I wasn't too excited to leave. I have been struggling with Karsen's rejection of me. He knows what happened and has said things that break my heart. We have had a good talk about how the whole thing was a huge accident and that I didn't know he was there. I couldn't handle him tell me I was mean for running him over anymore. I was a little upset but low and behold I received a phone call that helped me overcome my pity party. I love solving problems and helping others and that was exactly what I got to do with the phone call I received.

I got to the Dixon's and picked up the kids they weren't so sure why I was there. I told them I wanted to spend the night with them. We got home and they ran around like crazy kids and helped me sort laundry and got ready for bed. I have to say I have some dang good kids. We always go into the girls room at night to say our family prayer so I took them in there and talked with them. I was able to explain more of what was going on and why. Jazmine asked several questions about the actual accident basically details and visuals I don't really want anyone to have especially my 8 year old. We had a great talk and cried a little together. They love their baby brother and want him home as well as mom and dad. On a side note my husband Rick just completed a Walmart Remodel in Idaho Falls and the Thursday this all happened was the first time he was home in 12 weeks to help me with the lawn. THANK GOODNESS I WASN'T ALONE. I usually do the lawn all on my own on Thursday mornings. So the kids have already been missing him.

We got to sleep and the kids slept well. I stayed up and finished some paper work went through my mail and did some of the things you do when you have been gone for a while. I also enjoyed one of my guilty pleasures and watched a TV show I had DVR'd. I knew if I exhausted myself I'd sleep. My doctor gave me Xanax but I am trying to maintain on my own. I have been able to sleep in the hospital so I figured I'd be ok. I went to bed late and only had it come into my mind once before I passed out.

We got up and did our morning thing. Got the kids to school. Got to hang out with Jaxon. Got a good workout in at the gym (I so needed it). I brought Jaxon back up to the hospital to hang out. He was kinda in a grumpy mood but was able to share and play with Karsen. Dad and Kars had a good nights sleep and were in pleasant moods when we got here.

Last night was dad's turn to go home with the kids. He rounded them up and had a good night for the most part. Unfortunately Jaxon woke up with a fever and feeling bad. He had a sore throat. Since Jazmine is just getting over strep Rick called and got Jax into the doctors. Low and behold he has strep. YEEHAW!! Why not one more thing seriously.

Karsen wasn't feeling well so I bribed him to eat his yummi chicken roll-up and we would go for a walk. Well after 9pm around here its dead no one is really in the halls. So we went for a walk and came back we ended up on the opposite hall from ours and I told him to hold on so we could go fast. Grandma Diane started it she let him drive while she was here. So anyway we ran up and down the halls and creeping around and trying to be sneaky. lol with a wagon that is loud yeah right. Thank goodness the nurses thought we were funny and once my thighs were burning the ride was over. It was fun to listen to him giggle and laugh.

So today we are hanging out waiting for 5pm to roll around so he can go in and have his skin graft checked to make sure it is taking and the donor leg be redressed. Praying we can go home tomorrow.

Give Back to Karsen Day at Chili's

Here is the flyer for the Chili's day. You have to have a copy of this to have it count and you can go anytime from 11am to 11pm. It does have to be at the Riverton location. Thanks again for the support. Thank you Joy Zoellner and Tammy Ballard for setting this up. And THANK YOU CHILI'S!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Candace finished the St George Marathon AND qualifies for Boston Marathon with Karsen as her Movtivation....

I just wanted to post an update on how the marathon went today. First off, I had several of my friends tell me they would donate money to the Trust... though I can't tell how much they did donate, I hope it helped a bit.

I ran today with Karsen's photo and "Running for Karsen" on my back
and then I also had his picture on my pace band on my wrist so I would have a constant reminder of him while I was running. I was pushing myself hard during this race, and there were times my legs were shaking, times my calves were cramping up on me, and times when I honestly thought I wouldn't make
it another mile without throwing up, but during each of those really hard moments I looked down at Karsen's sweet smiling face and was reminded of his and his family's struggle and my pain decreased dramatically upon remembering that. He kept me running through the hard times and made me appreciate the good times.

I am happy to report that I finished the race in 3 hours 32 minutes and 33 seconds. Smashing my old personal record by over 17 minutes and finally reaching a goal that I've been aspiring to for years... running a fast enough race to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My heartfelt thanks goes out to this little boy and this family I've never met for giving me the extra push that I needed. I only hope that I can help them as much as they helped me.

Give Karsen a hug for me. I hope I get to meet him someday. Perhaps he'll be well enough by the Run Karsen Run race that he can make an appearance and I can give him my thanks in person.

Thanks again and lots of prayers and good thoughts for Karsen's recovery after the graft yesterday. =)

Karsen with just a couple stickers on his head. They were from his buddy Trevor.

Karsen playing Mario Kart on DS with a face mask on. He loves those things. He's so funny.

Kyli feeding Karsen a protein drink through a syringe.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's been great!

Today has been a great day. Karsen slept all night and woke up in a decent mood. He was even woken up a couple times, once to change his bedding since it was covered in blood from the graft site. We all got some sleep thank goodness. Grandma Diane and Grandpa Bob came up again and played with him made him laugh and giggle it was a sweet sweet sound. It's been a few days. My mom and my aunt Susan wanted me to go with them to go shopping with my Grandma for her birthday so I bucked up and did. I went after they finished Karsen's blood transfusion he was a little low so they had to perk him up. It made him feel better and was much more lively. That and the vallum made him a happy kid. Did you know a hospital bed can almost fold you completely in half? Even if Dad is sitting in it with you. When I left both dad and Karsen were happy and smiling.

We went and picked up my Grandma and made a quick stop at a baby shower I was invited to. I think they were a little shocked to see me there but it was awesome to see some old friends. We then went to Kohl's and Target. It is so weird the further I got from the hospital the yuckier I felt. I just kept breathing and telling myself I was ok. I only called Rick two times and text him for just a little bit. I was happy to hear Karsen slept most of the time. Tali and Steve came to keep Rick company I was glad. Then Shad and his girls came by.

I made it back safe and sound and Karsen was alright a little uncomfortable. I brought some Arby's back and Karsen chowed down on a roast beef sandwich. Carl, Tamara & Steven Thompson were here visiting. They had been to a Car Show where Carl had a banner on his windshield for Karsen. Thanks to Office Depot I believe had made it for free. The Thompson's have truly helped so much. They own TLC which is a cleaning business and were in my home the night of the accident scrubbing away. They offered to help us out so we can work hard at keeping the germs out while Karsen is home recovering. They are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone.

Then my friend Amy and her hubby Troy came up. They so graciously brought up my Nintendo DS and had gotten Mario Kart for Karsen. He played it in the playroom and loved it and since he is on bed rest they were happy to get it for him. He has been so awesome playing with it. I think Rick has played it more and it has become a battle. I will have to see if one of the girls will bring dad one to play. lol

Grandma Debbi came up and hung out with Karsen. He loves his Grandma's so much. Gave Rick and I a chance to go for a walk and get some yogurt. Now we are hanging out playing and watching a movie. Today has been a great day for my baby considering his situation.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 9...

Last night we keep Karsen up till what we were hoping midnight to get him food and water before he was cut off. His skin graft surgery was scheduled for 5:45pm today. Yeah 18 hours no food. We were a bit peeved. Considering we had been trying to feed him all day. He finally fell asleep around 2:30 am. Vallum and Karsen are a bad mix he's completely relaxed but just talks a lot. It's cute but not at 2 in the morning. We gave him his meds and he feel asleep. Then around 5am he woke up completely freaking out. Not sure if he was having a terrible nightmare or was in pain. It had been plenty of time so we gave him his meds again and he went to sleep. At 7:30am the Plastic Surgeons assistant came in and told us we were still planning on 5:45pm I was annoyed as any mother would be since I knew that meant starving him all day. They called and told us we had till 9 to feed him. This was at 8. We told them to get his meds ready and we tried to wake him up. FYI you don't try to wake Karsen up anyway let alone when he is in a hospital bed in pain. He again was freaking out. They finally came in at 8:45 and gave him his medication. Wahoo we had 15 min to calm him down and make him eat. SERIOUSLY!! 9:15 rolled around and Rick and I were still trying to get him to eat his pudding. NO GO! So finally they came in and said ok no more food or water. We gave him 2 last chances and he didn't budge so we threw it away. I know terrible of me but I'd rather him not choke on his vomit during surgery. Of course he wanted it but was fine once we distracted him.

Karsen had a bit of a bad day. He was uncomfortable and never once asked for food. I think he honestly knew what was up. We tried to get him up and moving but he really wasn't having it. His Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Tracy came up with their kids to play so we went to the play room. Then Aunt Tali and Uncle Steve came up with their kids and Kyli and Jaxon. Jazmine went to Lagoon with her friend Jaina. We tried to play but Karsen was in pain. Why you might ask because before we came down the nurse went to give him a dose of morphine and apparently some of it squirted out and didn't go in. Rick was worried he didn't get any well he was right. We got him some and he mellowed right out. Everyone had left to go do stuff and my Grandma Norma and Grandpa Robert came up to visit. Then Aunt Ruth ok well she's not his aunt more like his second mom came up with some fun gloves with bells on them. He was excited and played with them a bit. They came in at 5 and said they were ready. We hurried and gave him a blessing which my grandfather performed it was very nice. We took him back and he feel asleep in Rick's arms and we finally met the surgeon.

They ended up having him in surgery for almost 2 hours. They took the skin graft from his right leg on his upper thigh. They needed 112 square centimeters the left leg couldn't handle that much. They finally brought him back to our room at nine. Where both Grandma Diane and Grandma Debbi were anxiously waiting as well as Grandpa Bob, Aunt Susan and Uncle Casey. Of course Rick and I were getting very antsy. He is back and is sleeping now. The next few days will be rough with recovery. We will be here until Wednesday. On Wednesday they will take him back to the OR to remove the wound vac from his left leg and the dressing from his right leg. It's much easier if he is out and a lot less painful.

I just want to express our gratitude to everyone that has helped with the kids. Jazmine has loved having sleepovers "on a school night" and Jaxon is just loving having "lots and lots of sleepovers". Kyli has had a little bit of a hard time leaving but always enjoys where she goes. So thank you for providing a safe haven for them to go to as we are going through all of this. I love you all and will keep you updated on Karsen's progress.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's been a week exactly

Last night was a little rough but we did ok and had no fever thank goodness. As I was laying here last night I had a slight meltdown and was glad Rick was here to comfort me. I am struggling with Karsen's rejection of me. He mostly wants his dad. Which given Rick is gone often I don't blame him since he has him here. But it is hard since he understands why we are here and what happened. I won't go into that. After sending my kids off yet again with Kyli upset I laid here thinking about how I do have four kids and they all need me. I was throwing a bit of a pity party about Karsen always wanting Rick and I figured maybe I was better off going to be with the other 3. I felt impressed that I need to go get them and spend time with them maybe even just stay home and sleep with them. So I got it worked out to have Grandma Debbi come up and sit with Karsen while we went to my brother Tracy's home to pick the kids up and surprise them. We told them we were taking them to lunch they were hungry and excited. Aunt Chelsea was putting them off as long as she could. They wanted to go to Wendy's and Rick and I wanted something else so we talked them into Chili's. We went and had lunch it was yummi and fun and Iwas proud of them for eating.Not that you are too concerned with my feelings but I was glad to have them with us to spend time with them talking and laughing. All the while Rick and I were both nervous about going home. I was nervous I would completely lose it and Rick was probably worried about the same thing. We finished up lunch and headed for home. I felt my heart start to race as we got closer. I was again giving myself a peptalk. We pulled up to see the beautiful sign across our window that says "WE LOVE YOU" with many messages of love on it. We also had new plants, trees and flowers in our garden area that we just curbed. When we got there Tamara and Carl were there cleaning and still painting. They own TLC (cleaning business) and are Amazing. They clean better then the pros. They live across the street from us. Tamara came out and gave me a hug and I did all I could to keep my composure. I silently cried to myself just overwhelmed with all the love. We went into the house and saw the walls painted that desperately needed them. The house was clean. Then the kids took me down in the basement and I was happy to see that the playroom was painted and found Carl in the bathroom working on the sink. Mom will be excited about that. Our basement is almost finished but we haven't gotten it all done just already bought most of the stuff for the most part to do so. Carl gave me a big hug and it was a little harder to keep myself together. (Carl and I go way back and have a love/hate relationship ask him he'll agree lol).
I had to get some work done on a secure internet. THANKS TO MY AMAZING ROCKSTAR UNIT WE HIT $5000. As I was talking to Mary Kay corporate clearing some stuff up they reminded me of the $50 (half off) Starter Kit promotion going on in October. What an amazing promotion!! I can't tell you how Grateful I am to Mary Kay Ash for pressing forward with her dream so that I can I have an opportunity to help women feel good about themselves, reach their goals, help their families and become something more. All the while I can help provide for my own family Even if I am sitting in a hospital with my child. I can work from anywhere. Flexibility is key and will be necessary for sure now. As if it isn't with 4 kids and a hubby with his own business working harder then any body else. With all the love and support I have received from my MK sisters I am grateful for the company philosophy of Faith first, Family second, Career third. I love you all and thanks for everything. BTW to all my clients reading this I know you just received your Look books please feel free to place your orders *don't go anywhere else. My awesome Assistant Carole is taking care of my orders and all of you till I can get in there and do it. I have all the new stuff already. Thanks Carole!! And thank you all for helping me reach my own goals and helping support my family.

I then I went to get the rest of our stuff ready and Karsen called me crying because he was hurting. I told him I would be there soon and to be brave for me. It was hard to know I was so far away but I knew he was with Grandma so I knew he'd be fine. I hustled the kids to get there stuff together. I asked them if they wanted me to stay with them or go to Aunt Tali's they chose Tali's so I felt good about that. Unfortunately I had to leave another sick kid behind. Jaxon has a cough and wasn't feeling too hot so we dropped him off at Tali's and headed up. Stopped at 2 stores looking for Monsters vs. Aliens (never found it) and then got a call from Debbi this time. Karsen was freaking out and my heart just started racing. I felt like we couldn't get there fast enough. Downtown at 5 um good idea. About 10 minutes later Karsen called me to tell me he was done crying and was happy to see us soon. We got up here and he was happy in Grandma's lap.

Rick, Jazmine, Kyli and I went to the playroom where we played with the play food and painted birdhouses. They had fun and Karsen ended up getting a well needed sponge bath when we got back. He wasn't happy about it but needed it.

Aunt Tali brought up some delicious soup and we all hung out and played. Karsen got a chance to play Dominic's DS that made him happy. I am a nerd and keep thinking to bring mine up for him. Oh well they have like 3 game systems right out our door.

Now we are loading him up with fattening food and keep him up as late as we can since his skin graft surgery is scheduled for 5:45pm friday and he can't eat after midnight tonight. UGH!! Thank goodness for pudding and fruit snacks. Dinner of champs.

We want to Thank everyone for all their love and support. Sorry to bore you with my emotions but it feels good to get them out a little. Love & Belief

Nicole says...

I am at home for the first time in a week and I haven't had a panic attack yet. We enjoyed lunch at Chili's and came home to take care of a few things. I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT HAS PARTICIPATED IN PAINTING, GARDENING, CLEANING, EVERYTHING!! WE CAN NOT EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE FOR EVERYONE. YOU SIMPLY AMAZE ME! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's Operation

So today was supposed to be another wound vac change. That is what is protecting his calf muscle and preparing it for skin. Well Karsen was running a fever from about 5pm till today. Karsen's Ortho doc was concerned it was an infection in his leg so she wanted to do the change in the OR so that she could clean it out right there if it needed it. He ended up going into surgery at 3:30 and I knew it was going to be fast and smooth I was worried there would be an infection. I also had a hard time because as they wheeled him away he cried for momma over and over. Saddest thing I ever heard I told him he was ok and I loved him and would see him after his nap. I then turned around an broke down. I pulled myself together to go get some food we went down to the cafeteria and nothing sounded good.

Early that day I received a phone call from Jared the guy that Kim Cowdell set up to come pick up my car and have it detailed. Mind you I have not been in the car since we got here. Rick had and said it was getting pretty stinky. Well Kim, Krista Johnson and the rest of my Mary Kay sisters set up for this wonderful guy to come pick up my car and take care of it. He had called this morning to tell me it was in the parking lot ready for me. I told Rick I am starving we have 30 minutes lets go to 400 S. everything is there. So we went to the car and this guy is AMAZING no signs of the blood or any smell. I was so grateful that I wouldn't have to see it again. THANK YOU TO ALL MY MARY KAY SISTERS YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!! We darted out of there and went to Subway. It was yummi...

We came back and as we were eating with Amber, Casey and Riley the Dr. came in and told us there was nothing to worry about and that it all looked great. I WAS SO HAPPY! As you could imagine. But it still didn't explain the fever. We have done lots of tests and really no explanation yet. But we did get him out playing and moving today and that helped him a lot. They told us it would so it pays to play. He is doing good now. I promised him fruit snacks when he woke up so he had 4 bags and 2 things of pudding and requested blue Gatorade. FYI there is none in this hospital so Ginger and Tammy were here and so graciously said we will run to 711 and get him some. He was happy and played playdoh for a little bit. He is now hanging out coloring in his coloring book and chillin' with dad watching a movie.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I know without a doubt Heavenly Father is listening. I asked my brother to help Rick give Karsen a blessing this morning and I am so grateful for the Priesthood in my family. I am so grateful for a wonderful Father in Heaven that is blessing us beyond belief in this time of need.


Our little hero....

Passing time.....

Rick updates us...

Karsen is out. All went well. No infection in the leg. They still can't pinpoint the cause of his fever. Next step, skin grafts friday afternoon.

Nicole says,

I just sent my baby back in for surgery again and listened to him cry for momma all the way down the hall. It breaks my heart but I know he's in good hands. We are dashing to get food. Thanks to my MK girlfriends, my car is clean with no trace of the blood. I'll keep ya posted when he gets out.

Another Surgery...

Karsen has been running a fever since yesterday. They have been giving him Tylenol to help bring it down but it goes right back up. They think it might be an infection in his blood or in his leg. They did the blood culture and that can take 1-3 days to actually show anything. Our Ortho Surgeon just came in and told us instead of doing the wound vac change at 9:30 they are going to take him back to the OR at 2. That way if his leg is infected they can just clean it then and there. He hasn't been too uncomfortable just sleepy and lethargic. Please keep praying with me. I have seen so many blessings through the power of the Priesthood and prayer. Thank you all I love you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nicole says,

"I want you to know how much I love you all for loving me & my beautiful family. Karsen has had a bit of a rough day & is a little feverish but he is ok. He's not in too much pain thanks to all his meds. I'm just not a fan of this situation & it looks like we won't be home till next week."

RUN KARSEN RUN Fundraiser event....

Bring your bikes, roller blades, strollers, wagons,
running shoes, etc to the 5 K

This is a great opportunity to make a huge impact on Karsen's life

100% of the donations will go to Karsen Mery Recovery trust fund!
When: Oct 24th 8am
Where: 7982 S Grizzly Way, West Jordan, Ut
Why: To help Karsen!!

Unable to make it? You can still help by making a
donation via the link on the right!

Kickin Bootie for Karsen.....

Candace Aaron, doesn't even know the Mery family. But her heart goes out to Karsen and what the family is facing these days. In support of Karsen, she's
KICKIN' Bootie for Karsen!
This Saturday, Candace Aaron is running the St George Marathon. In support of Karsen, she's donating money for every mile that she runs! She said, " Hopefully this will be helpful to them financially, and I know it will help me push through the painful miles at the end of the marathon. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts going out to their family!" She said she is going to get many of her friends and family to also donate for every mile that she runs. Anyone else like to join us and donate for every mile??? I'm sure it will help encourage Candice AND definitely help the Mery family! Post in the comments if you'd like to jump in!

We will be staying in touch with Candace and will post the results here on the blog.

Thanks Candace! Kick Bootie for Karsen!!

Here's details of the event:
St. George Marathon
Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 6:45 am
From Central, UT to St. George, UT
Distance: 26.2 miles (Perhaps everyone could donate $1 per mile) Every bit helps!

Tuesday Quick Update

I thought I would just update you on Karsen's current condition. Yesterday the did a wound vac change. Rick & I were able to stay in the room and see his leg. We did snap a few pics but not sure we should put them up. He did great his skin and muscles are doing awesome. The wound team checked it and everything is still alive and well. They will do another vac change tomorrow as well. The wound vac is protecting the calf muscle and area that is exposed and is helping prepare the area for skin.

He is off the morphine and is currently on 4 medications. One is for pain, One for his spasms, another one for his nerve endings to help curb phantom pains and then his antibiotic.

He has his great moments and not so great moments. When he is feeling decent he is up playing and having a good time. He deals with the pain well for the most part and doesn't complain too much but will tell us when he hurts. While he doesn't complain much it is painful to see him hurt. It is heartbreaking at times. But he is very independent as you could see in the climbing on the bed pictures. It will be hard to keep him down while we need to.

He is getting used to cuddling with Dad and Mom and loves it. I think he is really enjoying the one on one time with Daddy.

Karsen is eating but not all that great he has actually enjoyed all the goodies people have brought us or the food we get for ourselves. He ate my sandwich yesterday even though I ordered him one. I was totally ok with it. He needs to eat!

We will be doing skin grafts on Friday and may possibly be going home that day or the next. We will see. I know he is excited to go home he's tried to escape with both Grandma's, Aunt Tali and Aunt Chelsea.

He is a huge inspiration to me and is so brave and strong. I absolutely love him and from the time he entered into our lives I knew he completed our beautiful family and is here to serve a huge purpose. He already has done so much for me and I love sharing him and the rest of my amazing family with all of you.

Thank you for all of the prayers. I have seen them all in work and know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is listening to all of us. Thank you from Rick and I we love you all!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Koins for Karsen.....

Koins for Karsen Event

This is something some of my Amazing Mary Kay Girlfriends have set up. Thanks Joy and Tammy. I love my MK Girls!!

Malaree Hobbs
Monday, October 12, 2009
4:00pm - 11:00pm
3766w. 13400 s.
Riverton, UT

On September 24 my friends 3 year old son was involved in a traumatic accident involving a lawn mower. This sweet young boy ended up losing his foot and half of his leg. He is on a long and expensive road to recovery, looking at many more surgeries in the months to come.