Sunday, May 16, 2010

Karsen gets named Honorary Conductor with Thomas the Train

A good friend of mine sent this letter into Good Things Utah to nominate Karsen as an Honorary Conductor for the Day out with Thomas.


I am not nominating anyone in my family, but would like to nominate the little boy of one of my girlfriends (the picture I attached I got off of their blog). His name is Karsen Mery and he is three years old. I don't have a picture of him in a conductor hat. I wanted to to do this without them knowing, but I thought this little guy's courage, as well as his family's, needed to be recognized. Back in September, just days after his third birthday, Karsen was in a horrible accident. His family had a ride on lawn mower, and his mother didn't see him behind her when she backed up, hitting Karsen. The lawn mower cut off his leg at the knee. He has been through many surgeries, and has had to learn to walk again. His mother has been trying to learn to forgive herself, and the family has been in the process of healing. Karsen is an amazing example of courage and determination. I'll never forget the day I watched a video of him walking for the first time after the accident (with the help of a walker), or watching him struggle getting up the stairs, but so determined to do it and to do it on his own. He is a little hero. I believe the opportunity to be the honorary conductor would mean a great deal to his family, and be a wonderful thing for this brave little man. They do have a blog that they update, specifically about Karsen and his conditions (he just recently had another surgery):

Thank you,

Jennifer Day

She then called me to let me know that Karsen was selected and that they wanted us to appear on Good Things Utah on May 14th. I was very excited but concerned if he could do it because Thomas is here over Memorial Day weekend and Karsen is having his reconstructive surgery on that Friday May 28th. Having my dates confused I was happy when I found out they wanted him there on Thursday May 27th at noon to kick off the event. It works out perfect with his surgery on Friday he will not be able to do much for a little while. He has 6 weeks to heal before he can start fitting for a new leg.

We had fun meeting the Ladies from GTU they were so awesome. If I can figure out the video I will post it. Karsen was shy and terrified of Sir Toppem Hat so hopefully he'll be ready to yell "All Aboard" when he rides the train.

We'd love for anyone to join us for a Day out with Thomas.