Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I know it's been a long time and many people have stayed caught up with Facebook but I thought I would explain exactly what we are doing with Karsen's leg. When we did his first surgeries we did a skin graft. The skin took well but has not healed the greatest. The skin graft is stuck to his bone (you can see in the picture). So we are doing skin expanders, they are little bubbles (almost like implants) that have ports where they gradually fill with saline to expand or stretch out the skin. The purpose in doing this is to help create more good skin so that we can completely reconstruct his leg and get the skin unstuck from his bone.This picture is after we put the expanders in...

Its quite the process. We had the first surgery to put in the expanders then we went in a couple weeks later to have them filled. The top one was filled and then they couldn't find the port for the second one so he said we needed to go in surgically and find the port instead of poking around to find it. We scheduled it for the next day (which was today).

Surgery day...They called to schedule the surgery for 10:45 so I planned to go to Harmony with my girls (it's their school singing group I choreograph for). Then went to a Zumba class (there is no better therapy then a fun workout). I got home hurried and got ready and off we went. On the way there I said to Rick "you didn't feed Karsen this morning right?" he said "um yeah he had cereal why?" Well he wasn't supposed to eat after midnight. I didn't tell him that so of course I can't get mad. When we got there they got us prepped in like record time and then said "they are ready for him we just have a few questions...when was the last time he ate?" I told them 8 and they said oh ok and low and be hold they wanted to have him not have eaten for 6-8 hours. Which put us ok for surgery at 2. It was 11:30!! So we went to the play room/pre-op area and hung out. Didn't find the video games till 2:30. 3 hours of just sitting there...
about 3:30 they came and got him took him back and what seemed like forever he was done and awake at 5. What I loved was that he didn't whine once. He pretty much knew exactly what to do and when. He didn't even need versed (sp) a calming drug to go back for surgery and when he woke up he just wanted another popsicle. He was seriously amazing!! A walk in the park.

Here is how his leg looks today. It is going to get bigger over the next three weeks and then we will do a complete reconstructive surgery on May 5th. It is so gross looking but we know its for the best. Just counting down the days to his reconstruction!
My goal is by the time he is healed from this all to take him to Dr. Joyce in NY to do a Vacuum prosthetic. He has offered to help us it is just the cost of getting out there. My personal goal is to earn it by doing Mary Kay parties. So if you want to help and want to party let me know. I have some new fun things I am doing... from glamour makeovers to pedicures.

I just want to make a side note to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, notes, messages and food. You have no idea how much it helps. I have to admit that sometimes dealing with his leg and being at the hospital and whatnot I struggle. I have triggers that put me in a bad place mentally. I know it's not my fault but I can't help blaming myself. I am thankful for his strength because when he cries or I see him struggle a flood of guilt comes over me. I know that we are to learn something and that everything happens for a reason. I am grateful for my faith in the Lord and for the training I have had. Somedays the only thing that keeps me going is my family and my business with Mary Kay. My team is counting on me to lead them and I can't do that if I am down all the time. Believe it or not Rockstars you lift me up big time thanks for needing me!!

Thanks again to everyone for the continued love and support it means the world to us!!