Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shriner's Adventure Day 2 and what's up today!

Ok so Tuesday morning I got up early to go run (gotta prep for the 5k and the gym is great therapy:) Got home hurried and got us all ready. Ran the girls to school and Jaxon to Aunt Chelsea's for preschool. We got up to Shriner's and went to prosthetic's. We met with Pete and he brought in Karsen's new Scooby Doo plastic sleeve. Karsen flipped out and no longer wanted it he wanted to keep his leg wrapped the way it was. After spending time trying to calm him down and getting him to cooperate we finally got it on. After he realized he was just fine and then loved it so we went to show Marci and she was so happy to see him and loved the new sleeve. The sleeve keeps his leg straight till we can actually get him a prosthetic leg. If he were to leave it bent it would ruin his chance of being able to where a prosthetic leg. He was super excited to show everyone his new leg.

After we left the hospital I went a different went home and ended up near my grandparents house so we went to see them. My grandpa had a meeting so my Grandma Norma, Karsen and I went to get a subway sandwich. It was really nice just us 3.
We got home and I attempted to nap while he laid with me talking to me a lot I gave him his meds when we got home cause he whined quite a bit and I wanted to help him. Hello VALIUM makes him happy and talkative but NOT tired.
I went to my Mary Kay meeting like I do every Tuesday and I got a text from Rick's facebook saying he was watching Karsen go up the stairs. I tried to tell him to hold him down I was on my way home but Karsen had even started without his knowledge. But dad videotaped it Thank Goodness!!
I got home and he was playing waiting for me to give him a bath. Marci wanted to have us give a bath today. The first real bath in 3 weeks woohoo!! Rick and I put him in and again doing something new with his leg unwrapped really stressed him out. He was uneasy for a bit but a few toys and realizing it wasn't going to hurt helped him relax. It was neat to see Jaxon interact with him. He was very cool while seeing his leg and the skin graft and everything. It's been great to see them play for a while they didn't get along. We got Karsen all cleaned up and now he is not so nervous.

We have shown the girls Karsen's leg and let them ask questions and I do my best to answer all of them. Except the details of the accident. I'm not a fan of talking about that with them. They know what they need to know. HE IS LITERALLY MY HERO. He is so strong and amazing. Very determined and very independent. I love my Karsen so much and couldn't be more proud of him and all of my kids for who they are and the love we have in our home.

ON a side note. Through all of this we just went to Parent Teacher Conferences for the girls and they are ROCKSTARS!! They both are way above grade level for reading and are doing great in every subject. Jazmine is doing so great in every area and even though she has missed a lot of school having strep 2 times. Kyliane is the big helper in her class she finishes her work and then helps her friends with theirs. Seriously makes me so happy to see how well they are doing even though they have been through this all with us. I have amazingly smart independent children. LOVE THEM!!

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