Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's been a week exactly

Last night was a little rough but we did ok and had no fever thank goodness. As I was laying here last night I had a slight meltdown and was glad Rick was here to comfort me. I am struggling with Karsen's rejection of me. He mostly wants his dad. Which given Rick is gone often I don't blame him since he has him here. But it is hard since he understands why we are here and what happened. I won't go into that. After sending my kids off yet again with Kyli upset I laid here thinking about how I do have four kids and they all need me. I was throwing a bit of a pity party about Karsen always wanting Rick and I figured maybe I was better off going to be with the other 3. I felt impressed that I need to go get them and spend time with them maybe even just stay home and sleep with them. So I got it worked out to have Grandma Debbi come up and sit with Karsen while we went to my brother Tracy's home to pick the kids up and surprise them. We told them we were taking them to lunch they were hungry and excited. Aunt Chelsea was putting them off as long as she could. They wanted to go to Wendy's and Rick and I wanted something else so we talked them into Chili's. We went and had lunch it was yummi and fun and Iwas proud of them for eating.Not that you are too concerned with my feelings but I was glad to have them with us to spend time with them talking and laughing. All the while Rick and I were both nervous about going home. I was nervous I would completely lose it and Rick was probably worried about the same thing. We finished up lunch and headed for home. I felt my heart start to race as we got closer. I was again giving myself a peptalk. We pulled up to see the beautiful sign across our window that says "WE LOVE YOU" with many messages of love on it. We also had new plants, trees and flowers in our garden area that we just curbed. When we got there Tamara and Carl were there cleaning and still painting. They own TLC (cleaning business) and are Amazing. They clean better then the pros. They live across the street from us. Tamara came out and gave me a hug and I did all I could to keep my composure. I silently cried to myself just overwhelmed with all the love. We went into the house and saw the walls painted that desperately needed them. The house was clean. Then the kids took me down in the basement and I was happy to see that the playroom was painted and found Carl in the bathroom working on the sink. Mom will be excited about that. Our basement is almost finished but we haven't gotten it all done just already bought most of the stuff for the most part to do so. Carl gave me a big hug and it was a little harder to keep myself together. (Carl and I go way back and have a love/hate relationship ask him he'll agree lol).
I had to get some work done on a secure internet. THANKS TO MY AMAZING ROCKSTAR UNIT WE HIT $5000. As I was talking to Mary Kay corporate clearing some stuff up they reminded me of the $50 (half off) Starter Kit promotion going on in October. What an amazing promotion!! I can't tell you how Grateful I am to Mary Kay Ash for pressing forward with her dream so that I can I have an opportunity to help women feel good about themselves, reach their goals, help their families and become something more. All the while I can help provide for my own family Even if I am sitting in a hospital with my child. I can work from anywhere. Flexibility is key and will be necessary for sure now. As if it isn't with 4 kids and a hubby with his own business working harder then any body else. With all the love and support I have received from my MK sisters I am grateful for the company philosophy of Faith first, Family second, Career third. I love you all and thanks for everything. BTW to all my clients reading this I know you just received your Look books please feel free to place your orders *don't go anywhere else. My awesome Assistant Carole is taking care of my orders and all of you till I can get in there and do it. I have all the new stuff already. Thanks Carole!! And thank you all for helping me reach my own goals and helping support my family.

I then I went to get the rest of our stuff ready and Karsen called me crying because he was hurting. I told him I would be there soon and to be brave for me. It was hard to know I was so far away but I knew he was with Grandma so I knew he'd be fine. I hustled the kids to get there stuff together. I asked them if they wanted me to stay with them or go to Aunt Tali's they chose Tali's so I felt good about that. Unfortunately I had to leave another sick kid behind. Jaxon has a cough and wasn't feeling too hot so we dropped him off at Tali's and headed up. Stopped at 2 stores looking for Monsters vs. Aliens (never found it) and then got a call from Debbi this time. Karsen was freaking out and my heart just started racing. I felt like we couldn't get there fast enough. Downtown at 5 um good idea. About 10 minutes later Karsen called me to tell me he was done crying and was happy to see us soon. We got up here and he was happy in Grandma's lap.

Rick, Jazmine, Kyli and I went to the playroom where we played with the play food and painted birdhouses. They had fun and Karsen ended up getting a well needed sponge bath when we got back. He wasn't happy about it but needed it.

Aunt Tali brought up some delicious soup and we all hung out and played. Karsen got a chance to play Dominic's DS that made him happy. I am a nerd and keep thinking to bring mine up for him. Oh well they have like 3 game systems right out our door.

Now we are loading him up with fattening food and keep him up as late as we can since his skin graft surgery is scheduled for 5:45pm friday and he can't eat after midnight tonight. UGH!! Thank goodness for pudding and fruit snacks. Dinner of champs.

We want to Thank everyone for all their love and support. Sorry to bore you with my emotions but it feels good to get them out a little. Love & Belief


  1. Once again I'll say it, "you are amazing!" I bet your kids had so much fun with you! They were so cute at Harmony on Wednesday. I was even told they didn't come on Monday cause of "strep." Your family is amazing. We're praying for you. Hope all goes well this morning (Friday). Love you :)

  2. Nicole, you are a strong, amazing, beautiful woman, and you are COMPLETELY allowed to feel and express your emotions! You have to express them to find peace again. And we're all reading your blog because we are all here for you and your family, and want to know that you're finding that peace. You never have to apologize for that! I love you so much!

  3. I think you should show us pics of your newly painted house and nice yard!

  4. You are one amazing women! An inspiration to us all. We'll keep praying for you and your amazing family.

  5. I'm glad everything turned out just fine when you guys went home! I'm so thankful you have great family, friends and wonderful neighbors! I've been trying to book and sell lmy little pants off but I'm not there yet! However I'm way excited about the October incentives! LOVE you all and we will see you very SOON! HANG in there and be the strong woman I know you are!!!!