Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes you have to step back to move forward...

So today I talked with Lindsey at Dr. Siddiqi's office and unfortunately the next available appointment to do the surgery isn't till the end of April so we are still going to do it on March 17th.
I asked for a later time so I can still go to Harmony (our school singing group I co-choreograph for) Big Buddah from Fox 13 is coming to see us we are the "Cool School of the Week".

I am nervous about the surgery they will be putting a "bubble" under his skin to help stretch it out so that we can take off the skin graft entirely and so that it won't stick to his bone anymore. The hardest part is it means no prosthetic till it's fully healed which is at least 8 weeks after this procedure. He will go in 2 weeks after to have a little saline put in it and then once a week for 5-7 weeks. I'm not excited but I know it's what we need to do.

I worry because days like today he's been outside, upstairs, downstairs, all over in his prosthetic (and hasn't complained once). It makes me sad to know all through Spring he will not be able to ride his bike or run around. I know I'm a whiner but he's 3 and that's what he should be doing.

On top of that work for Rick has been slow and hopefully will start to pick up. We are looking to have him do a Walmart in the middle of April which takes him (most likely to Texas or the midwest) for 8 weeks. Doing a Walmart will help us get back on our feet and try to get ahead. So it's single mom-hood for me. AND I am working my Mary Kay business as well. It is something I absolutely love doing and it has helped us so much financially through these last few months. Not to mention mentally too. Never thought I'd be so grateful for selling "lipstick" in my life but when it buys the groceries and pays the bills that we can't pay it's so worth it. I am working on doing big things with my business to better help my family out of the hole we are in. If you are a working mom you understand how that feels. (So if anyone is looking for a consultant and would like to help me reach my goals email I'll tell you how you can ;)).

Plus I am training to run the Ragnar Relay in June and possibly riding the MS ride (gotta get a bike first lol). I know I do it to myself but that's what happens when you love your family, love your business and have a love for working out and being on a team.

We'll just ride out these next few months one day at a time. What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. Please keep my little hero in your prayers so he can have the strength to overcome. He has no clue what's going to happen yet. Not sure how to tell him.

Sometimes you have to step back to move forward...