Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nicole says...

I am at home for the first time in a week and I haven't had a panic attack yet. We enjoyed lunch at Chili's and came home to take care of a few things. I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT HAS PARTICIPATED IN PAINTING, GARDENING, CLEANING, EVERYTHING!! WE CAN NOT EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE FOR EVERYONE. YOU SIMPLY AMAZE ME! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

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  1. Nicole and Rick, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but we grew up and went to school together. I shared Karsen's story on my FB page with all of my friends across the country. I have one friend who specifically asked that you get in touch with her. Her name is Sunset Stanley. She owns a vinyl letter business and it's been VERY sucessful, anyways, she's asking permission to help out financially by posting a special in her shop and having all the proceeds go to you guys. please feel free to email me at or have Tracy get in touch with me and we'll make sure to get you in contact with her. I'm on his friends list on FB and I can get you you in touch w/ her. In addition to donation, I wish that I was able to help out more by giving of my time, however, my location hinders me from doing so. But, passing this information along and possibly getting you in touch with her, maybe that could my additional helping hand. My blessings are with all of you at this time, you are an amazing, STRONG family and through the power of our Heavenly Father, all will be well and good. Love and continued Prayers,

    Mali (Marticorena) Evans and Family