Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At home

Ok so I feel bad I haven't updated you on my little mans progress so here I am. Wow coming back to life is a reality shock. Fortunately Rick has been home so he has helped tremendously. He makes a better housewife then I do. This has given me a chance to jump back into my Mary Kay business and get to work. I love that I get to work around my family. I have never been so grateful for that until now. I have an amazing team they are the "Rockstars" and they have blown me out of the water from their hard work and perseverance. I also have found that I am grateful for working when I am strong to build a cliental and unit so that if and when an accident or illness occurs I can take as much time off as I need with wonderful women to help pick up where I can not. Thank you Krista Johnson my senior director for all that you do for me! The only unfortunate thing is Rick not working makes it a lot harder around here financially. If he's not working he's not making any money. Gotta love construction :)
Anyway on to what is going on. We got home on Thursday. On our way home we picked up Jaxon from preschool and he was so excited to see Karsen in the car. Even told him he loved him. Then Jazmine had called and said she wasn't feeling well so I figured what the heck I'll go pull the girls out of school and they were so excited to see Karsen when they got home it was awesome.
The kids have adjusted well and have been great helpers. Jaxon's been given the job to be our monitor and tell us if Karsen wakes up. After a few days he didn't like that job so much. He would come tell us Karsen was awake and then climb in our bed as one of us would go take care of Karsen. He's been playing and helping Kars as well as fighting with him like normal. Gotta love boys.
Jazmine and Kyli have been great big sisters and have helped out by doing activities with him and hanging out with him. They are awesome.
We have been just plugging along. Our daily care for Karsen isn't too bad. We have to unwrap and rewrap his donor site leg. We also blowdry his bandage a little to help it dry out faster. We don't have to do anything with his left leg. We go in on Thursday the 22nd to see his plastic surgeon and his ortho surgeon.
Today he has tried to get himself around a little. His buddy Bronson Dixon came over to play and I put Karsen on the floor to play cars with him. I heard him over by the stairs playing with some monster trucks on the bottom step. He is definitely a find a way make a way type of kid.
His pain has been pretty mild and has been really good for the most part. He is sleeping well through the night and loves snuggling in the morning.
Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support without them all I don't know where we would be. I will continue to keep updating on the progress of his speedy recovery!

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