Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can't believe how fast time flies...

Can you believe it's been 4 YEARS? 4 Years since our lives were changed traumatically. This time of year I get excited for the change in weather and hoodie season and so much more but there is always an ache in my heart. Last week I started feeling emotional (I was mowing the lawn surprise surprise) and was thinking what is wrong with ME? Then it dawned on me...It's September...memories creep in and gratitude all at the same time.

It's crazy to reflect on where we were and where we are now. WOW!!! Our lives are forever changed and daily we are reminded of it. I watch my now 7 year old. Run, Play, Develop and Be HIMSELF. Which I truly admire. He is who he is. He is a typical 7 year old that most don't know deals with things daily others don't even think even myself. As I observe him going into a new class with new friends wondering WHAT HAPPENED? As well as learning to adjust his prosthetic throughout the day because it's not fitting right. But yet he doesn't complain...well at least not about that. He's 7 he complains about brothers and sisters and fairness and ALL the things a 7 year old should. 

Today as I reflect and even reread what happened (http://karsenmery.blogspot.com/2009/09/unfortunate-truth.html) while not wanting to trigger all the emotions I want to show gratitude. Gratitude for the fact that he has lived through it all. He's shown me strength, perseverance, love, hope and fearlessness. It has been inbedded in me as well. For so long I'd look down at my sweet boy and hate that FOREVER I will be reminded of that day as well as he is but now I look at him and think WOW if only he knew how much he means to me. How much he has taught me. How much strength he gives me. He will forever be my hero. I love him, his Dad and his siblings more then anything in this world. My hubby and I have some pretty great kids. This quote was posted and I found it PERFECT for my reflections on life today. Thank you again to all those that have been on this crazy journey. My Love and Admiration for you all is immeasurable.