Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 14...

I am hangin out here with Karsen. He's playing playdoh and watching some cartoons. We are anxiously waiting for 5pm to come around. They plan to take him back to the OR to take the wound vac off of the Skin Graft and redress the graft donor site.

What's happened these last couple days...
Sunday we had my parents bring up Jazmine, Kyli and Jaxon. They are the other three kids we have for those of you that don't know much about your family. Jazmine is 8, Kyli is 6 and Jaxon is 4 (almost 5). We wanted them to come up and hang out with Karsen with no other kids around. We have some great friends and family that have been taking them while we have been up here. Everytime they come up they have their cousins or friends so they don't get to sit and play with Karsen. We had them here till about 7 pm when we sent the girls home with Paige and Jaxon with Ruth and Jason.

Monday was a rough day Karsen wasn't feeling well all day and we have to keep him in his room unless we go on walks in the wagon. We did have a physical therapist come in and rush us into a wheelchair. Little did she know he is supposed to be in bed, in our lap or in the wagon. So yeah it didn't go well. Other then that he was tired and blah all day. He perked up when Grandma Debbi and Aunt Tali showed up with Stevie, Drew, Domi and Lexi. I decided to go home to be with the kids for the night. Since Karsen is really enjoying having his dad to himself I figured one of us needed to. I also do all of the finances for our businesses and when you ignore them for over a week especially at the change in months people tend to not be happy. So I went home to take care of that and payroll and whatnot. It was a good distraction.

Honestly I wasn't too excited to leave. I have been struggling with Karsen's rejection of me. He knows what happened and has said things that break my heart. We have had a good talk about how the whole thing was a huge accident and that I didn't know he was there. I couldn't handle him tell me I was mean for running him over anymore. I was a little upset but low and behold I received a phone call that helped me overcome my pity party. I love solving problems and helping others and that was exactly what I got to do with the phone call I received.

I got to the Dixon's and picked up the kids they weren't so sure why I was there. I told them I wanted to spend the night with them. We got home and they ran around like crazy kids and helped me sort laundry and got ready for bed. I have to say I have some dang good kids. We always go into the girls room at night to say our family prayer so I took them in there and talked with them. I was able to explain more of what was going on and why. Jazmine asked several questions about the actual accident basically details and visuals I don't really want anyone to have especially my 8 year old. We had a great talk and cried a little together. They love their baby brother and want him home as well as mom and dad. On a side note my husband Rick just completed a Walmart Remodel in Idaho Falls and the Thursday this all happened was the first time he was home in 12 weeks to help me with the lawn. THANK GOODNESS I WASN'T ALONE. I usually do the lawn all on my own on Thursday mornings. So the kids have already been missing him.

We got to sleep and the kids slept well. I stayed up and finished some paper work went through my mail and did some of the things you do when you have been gone for a while. I also enjoyed one of my guilty pleasures and watched a TV show I had DVR'd. I knew if I exhausted myself I'd sleep. My doctor gave me Xanax but I am trying to maintain on my own. I have been able to sleep in the hospital so I figured I'd be ok. I went to bed late and only had it come into my mind once before I passed out.

We got up and did our morning thing. Got the kids to school. Got to hang out with Jaxon. Got a good workout in at the gym (I so needed it). I brought Jaxon back up to the hospital to hang out. He was kinda in a grumpy mood but was able to share and play with Karsen. Dad and Kars had a good nights sleep and were in pleasant moods when we got here.

Last night was dad's turn to go home with the kids. He rounded them up and had a good night for the most part. Unfortunately Jaxon woke up with a fever and feeling bad. He had a sore throat. Since Jazmine is just getting over strep Rick called and got Jax into the doctors. Low and behold he has strep. YEEHAW!! Why not one more thing seriously.

Karsen wasn't feeling well so I bribed him to eat his yummi chicken roll-up and we would go for a walk. Well after 9pm around here its dead no one is really in the halls. So we went for a walk and came back we ended up on the opposite hall from ours and I told him to hold on so we could go fast. Grandma Diane started it she let him drive while she was here. So anyway we ran up and down the halls and creeping around and trying to be sneaky. lol with a wagon that is loud yeah right. Thank goodness the nurses thought we were funny and once my thighs were burning the ride was over. It was fun to listen to him giggle and laugh.

So today we are hanging out waiting for 5pm to roll around so he can go in and have his skin graft checked to make sure it is taking and the donor leg be redressed. Praying we can go home tomorrow.

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