Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The expanders are coming out!!

Tomorrow is the big day a day we have all been anticipating. A while back we realized that Karsen's Skin Graft was sticking to his bone and causing discomfort and scabbing on his leg which made wearing his prosthetic painful. We then put in 2 expanders to help stretch out his good skin to eventually go in and reconstruct the whole thing. Well Wednesday is the big day. They have scheduled him to be at the hospital at 12:45pm which means hungry baby all day. He can have clear liquids like Sprite or Apple Juice. My awesome assistant understanding the stress I'm under went and ran to get me some for him. (They are buds and love each other). I've been scrambling all over trying to get kids situated and Rick's in Vernal working so it's been a lot.
I've been looking forward to this surgery and anticipating it but for some reason I am feeling blah about it. Not sure if its worrying about the outcome if this is the final surgery for a while...Will this really work...How long will it be before he's back on his bike or walking...nervous about staying at the hospital...hoping to not have any triggers that bring it back and take me to that bad place in my head and heart. It's the little things.
The two pictures show the before and after of the expanders. The skinny one shows how his leg looked before we put them in and the other one shows them full. They will take out the expanders, pull off the graft, shorten the bone, then pull the skin all together to create a much better looking leg. This I'm excited about because as you can see it's nasty looking. It makes people feel uncomfortable including me. But I do like to rub it for him to make sure it's not hurting. There will be 2 doctors working on him one (Marcy) to do the stump revision (bone shortening) and then *Faizi will do the reconstruction of the skin. He's the plastic surgeon. Through it all I pray it looks better and feels better.
I will keep you all posted on the outcome...as for now keep praying for him to continue to have Superman strength and his amazingly positive attitude. Love my little Monkey he is the Best...He even said so himself (after he told me I was) lol.