Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anticipated surgery...wasn't expecting it so soon :(

It's hard to believe my baby has spent more time without his leg then he has with his real one. It's been a crazy 3 years and we are now headed back for surgery. You can see in the picture how the ends of his Tibia and Fibula are both sharp and pointy. This was something we anticipated and will anticipate to happen again till he stops growing. Didn't think it would be this soon. We have chosen to do the surgery now so he can recover while the weather isn't as enticing to play in and he won't miss much school being off track. When we went to the Dr's he was complaining of it hurting on the bottom as well as on the sides. What most people don't know is with a prosthetic leg the weight isn't on the bottom of his stump its actually around the sides. So while we try to get a good snug fit that will hold him well and help him walk "normal" it is pushing his Fibula (the little one) into his Tibia which causes more discomfort. So we may be fusing the two bones together with a plate. Dr. Marci will decide that while she is in there.
I just wanted to Thank all of those that continue to support us and love my son and our family so much. The prayers, well wishes and happy thoughts really do mean a lot. And to our families that are always supportive and encouraging him and constantly loving us in the good times and bad.
I as a mom try to be as STRONG as humanly possible but I can't lie I hate that he will be off his leg again and have to have surgery. It stirs up so many emotions like anger, sadness, wish I would'ves and all that. But the strength I get from Karsen and our little family makes things easier to pull through. My husband for those of you that know him know he's very simple. He let's me cry through it with his arms around me and always says "Don't worry we got this he'll be ok and so will we. Nothing can stop him". So true!!! Thanks again for the love and support. I will keep ya posted on here and FB.

Much Love,