Thursday, September 24, 2015

WOW! It's obviously been a long time since I've updated this blog...but here goes today is the 6th Anniversary of what I like to call our Adventure (thanks Julianne for the example). September for me is like being on an emotional roller coaster. I'm excited kids are back in school, dance has started and let's not forget it's Football season! Weather is changing and life is beautiful...but then there is that dark side...
It's an Anniversary of something well a couple something's that have changed my family, my life and Me!!! With both happening in September in the back of my mind I want to go postal and lock my kids in bubbles for fear of something bad happening. I want to curl up in a ball in my bedroom and cry while wishing it was me and not him. My hubby who is extremely supportive is usually 2-3 states away working his butt off for us. 

Then the prerelease of the Shriners commercial (that will soon air) is emailed to me that is exclusively about him and as I cry everytime I watch it I'm reminded that without the Doctors & services at Shriners I really don't know how I'd have my crazy but beautiful home. My time hop well that's a new addition to the roller coaster. I've gone back and looked through this blog and my FB before to read and reminisce of the trials we've overcome and the support of the community, Family, Friends &'s strangely therapeutic.

Time hop however has made this easier to hurt...
I've recently saw Karsen on his bike 6 years ago with his cute smile & squishy cheeks with his helmet on. I love this picture so much but painstakingly reminds me of the day I jumped off my lawn mower to see my sweet baby screaming with that same helmet on that I soon found mangled from his left calf down. Yes I've been to therapy to rid me of the horrific triggers and pain but ultimately the constant reminder will never go away...I mean I didn't just break his leg. AND yes it was ALL and Accident but the memory never fades.
 Then there are the pics of him in the hospital Smiles in most of them.

Reminding me that through all the hell life can hand you "I got this!" As reminded from Karsens first attempt to going up stairs in his Scooby Cast. WE GOT THIS!!!
Memories of the Amazing but challenging trip to NY that was a great experience to being reminded of the stupid park toy that busted Karsens femur and the trip in an ambulance with nothing but my hands splinting it all the way from Riverton to Primaries.

Fast forward to surgeries to help him grow. And now 2 months fully recovered from yet another surgery that is intended to help his growth to another new prosthetic.
 I've completely lost count of how many times he's been put under for some sort of procedure, how many changes in treatment when things like skin grafts don't work well. I've lost count how many times I've held back tears while he goes through another procedure or as he's relearned to walk and how many times I still cry praying he will have a full abundant able bodied life.

He's my Hero...I always say...but from sun up till sun down he's Karsen. Every morning as he goes to get out of his bunk bed he has to put on his liner and leg...I hear him get down and stomp to get it all the way on. No complaints it's his life and he's doing just fine!!! He loves to run, play, hang out with friends, fight with his bro. He's played Baseball, made the swim team and competed in Dance for almost 4 years on Winning teams. We've met some Amazing people along the way too.

 While this isn't the life we expected I'm grateful for it. It has uniquely humbled us all. He amongst his siblings inspire me daily. They truly are incredible!!!

Being the Mom in the Mery house is one of the Best "Jobs" I have and I'll never quit.
Love the life you Live, Live the life you Love!!!