Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 9...

Last night we keep Karsen up till what we were hoping midnight to get him food and water before he was cut off. His skin graft surgery was scheduled for 5:45pm today. Yeah 18 hours no food. We were a bit peeved. Considering we had been trying to feed him all day. He finally fell asleep around 2:30 am. Vallum and Karsen are a bad mix he's completely relaxed but just talks a lot. It's cute but not at 2 in the morning. We gave him his meds and he feel asleep. Then around 5am he woke up completely freaking out. Not sure if he was having a terrible nightmare or was in pain. It had been plenty of time so we gave him his meds again and he went to sleep. At 7:30am the Plastic Surgeons assistant came in and told us we were still planning on 5:45pm I was annoyed as any mother would be since I knew that meant starving him all day. They called and told us we had till 9 to feed him. This was at 8. We told them to get his meds ready and we tried to wake him up. FYI you don't try to wake Karsen up anyway let alone when he is in a hospital bed in pain. He again was freaking out. They finally came in at 8:45 and gave him his medication. Wahoo we had 15 min to calm him down and make him eat. SERIOUSLY!! 9:15 rolled around and Rick and I were still trying to get him to eat his pudding. NO GO! So finally they came in and said ok no more food or water. We gave him 2 last chances and he didn't budge so we threw it away. I know terrible of me but I'd rather him not choke on his vomit during surgery. Of course he wanted it but was fine once we distracted him.

Karsen had a bit of a bad day. He was uncomfortable and never once asked for food. I think he honestly knew what was up. We tried to get him up and moving but he really wasn't having it. His Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Tracy came up with their kids to play so we went to the play room. Then Aunt Tali and Uncle Steve came up with their kids and Kyli and Jaxon. Jazmine went to Lagoon with her friend Jaina. We tried to play but Karsen was in pain. Why you might ask because before we came down the nurse went to give him a dose of morphine and apparently some of it squirted out and didn't go in. Rick was worried he didn't get any well he was right. We got him some and he mellowed right out. Everyone had left to go do stuff and my Grandma Norma and Grandpa Robert came up to visit. Then Aunt Ruth ok well she's not his aunt more like his second mom came up with some fun gloves with bells on them. He was excited and played with them a bit. They came in at 5 and said they were ready. We hurried and gave him a blessing which my grandfather performed it was very nice. We took him back and he feel asleep in Rick's arms and we finally met the surgeon.

They ended up having him in surgery for almost 2 hours. They took the skin graft from his right leg on his upper thigh. They needed 112 square centimeters the left leg couldn't handle that much. They finally brought him back to our room at nine. Where both Grandma Diane and Grandma Debbi were anxiously waiting as well as Grandpa Bob, Aunt Susan and Uncle Casey. Of course Rick and I were getting very antsy. He is back and is sleeping now. The next few days will be rough with recovery. We will be here until Wednesday. On Wednesday they will take him back to the OR to remove the wound vac from his left leg and the dressing from his right leg. It's much easier if he is out and a lot less painful.

I just want to express our gratitude to everyone that has helped with the kids. Jazmine has loved having sleepovers "on a school night" and Jaxon is just loving having "lots and lots of sleepovers". Kyli has had a little bit of a hard time leaving but always enjoys where she goes. So thank you for providing a safe haven for them to go to as we are going through all of this. I love you all and will keep you updated on Karsen's progress.

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  1. Nicole,

    We are happy to receive your updates each and every day. You and the family are in our prayers. We love you so very much and cannot express it enough. I cannot imagine going through what you have had to deal with. You are such an inspiration to us. We keep you in our constant prayers and will do everything we can to show you our love and support every day.