Thursday, July 11, 2013

Screw Removal :) Surgery #??? I think we've all lost count

After just a short 7 months Karsen's bone bridge we made is all healed and today we removed his screw. It was helping hold a piece of his fibula in between the tibia and fibula to create a stable bone bridge. The hope in doing this is so as he grows he won't grow bone spurs and his fibula won't move around. Here is a picture of the before and after.

Here he is holding his screw. He said it looks like one from Dad's work!

 I was kinda surprised how big it was.

Here is the infamous Dr. Marci he lit up the minute he saw her. She puts him at ease when he is nervous and they adore each other. So glad we have her!!!

Had to take this pic. He didn't want to wake up he was in such a deep amazing sleep I was extremely jealous.

Every surgery always stirs up emotions for me and him but we push through. He should be back walking in a few days. He's already hoping & crawling everywhere. Perhaps I should get his walker out from under his bed. 
This kid never ceases to amaze me. While he can be a typical 6 year old and pain in my butt he is still my hero. I'm grateful for all my kids that give me strength and purpose. Thank you to all those that have followed his story and have been there for our family. It means more then anyone will ever know. Helps keep the bad thoughts and emotions from sinking in too deep. I'm sure both he and I wish we never had to deal with any of this but we have learned so much and have grown so much. Again thank you all for your love, prayers and support.