Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Quick Update

I thought I would just update you on Karsen's current condition. Yesterday the did a wound vac change. Rick & I were able to stay in the room and see his leg. We did snap a few pics but not sure we should put them up. He did great his skin and muscles are doing awesome. The wound team checked it and everything is still alive and well. They will do another vac change tomorrow as well. The wound vac is protecting the calf muscle and area that is exposed and is helping prepare the area for skin.

He is off the morphine and is currently on 4 medications. One is for pain, One for his spasms, another one for his nerve endings to help curb phantom pains and then his antibiotic.

He has his great moments and not so great moments. When he is feeling decent he is up playing and having a good time. He deals with the pain well for the most part and doesn't complain too much but will tell us when he hurts. While he doesn't complain much it is painful to see him hurt. It is heartbreaking at times. But he is very independent as you could see in the climbing on the bed pictures. It will be hard to keep him down while we need to.

He is getting used to cuddling with Dad and Mom and loves it. I think he is really enjoying the one on one time with Daddy.

Karsen is eating but not all that great he has actually enjoyed all the goodies people have brought us or the food we get for ourselves. He ate my sandwich yesterday even though I ordered him one. I was totally ok with it. He needs to eat!

We will be doing skin grafts on Friday and may possibly be going home that day or the next. We will see. I know he is excited to go home he's tried to escape with both Grandma's, Aunt Tali and Aunt Chelsea.

He is a huge inspiration to me and is so brave and strong. I absolutely love him and from the time he entered into our lives I knew he completed our beautiful family and is here to serve a huge purpose. He already has done so much for me and I love sharing him and the rest of my amazing family with all of you.

Thank you for all of the prayers. I have seen them all in work and know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is listening to all of us. Thank you from Rick and I we love you all!!

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