Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RUN KARSEN RUN Fundraiser event....

Bring your bikes, roller blades, strollers, wagons,
running shoes, etc to the 5 K

This is a great opportunity to make a huge impact on Karsen's life

100% of the donations will go to Karsen Mery Recovery trust fund!
When: Oct 24th 8am
Where: 7982 S Grizzly Way, West Jordan, Ut
Why: To help Karsen!!

Unable to make it? You can still help by making a
donation via the link on the right!


  1. Is there a website where I can get more information about this? I am TALI's friend and would LOVE to run this 5K for her nephew and family. I need to know more information tho...how much $$???

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  3. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163558231881&ref=mf

    is the only website it's posted on. It's just any donation you can give! Every bit helps! I believe all the info is posted here. Let me know if you need me to find out more for you. Thanks for your support!

  4. So is this something we need to get donations for or do we just donate please let me know thanks

  5. You can gather donations and bring them all to donate, or you can just donate yourself. There's no rules as we just are trying to do all we can to help out the Mery family. Every little bit helps! Thanks! Alisha