Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shriner's adventure Day 1

So last Saturday some friends of ours invited us to go out to dinner with them so we took up the offer and went to dinner. As we were sitting down I got a phone call that stressed me out a bit. My babysitter Raygan called and said "Nicole I was taking him to the bathroom and please don't be mad!" She was plainly scared and stressed out. So I tried understand her then she passed the phone over to my friend Ruth who she had called over to help her.
Basically Karsen had to go potty (#2) and Raygan put him on the potty but didn't take his pants off all of the way. He had gotten some poop on his pants and she went to pull them off well his splint had come off with it. SCARED HER TO DEATH!! Rightfully so I probably would've freaked out too. As I was talking to Ruth I could hear Karsen crying. Of course I was way freaked myself. I hurried and called the Dr's offices trying with 2 phones to get a hold of someone to tell me what to do. We were told when we left the hospital not to let him put pressure on his leg or rub it on anything so my main concern was that it had rubbed the skin graft. I finally got a hold of a plastic surgeon and he made me feel 1000 times better. He said the skin graft would be just fine since its been two weeks. He explained how to rewrap it so I called Ruth and Raygan and Becky (Rachel the friend I was out to dinner with had called her she lives like 3 houses down and is a nurse) I told them how to do it. They took great care of him he had talked to me and told me he was all better. The good news is that he wasn't really in pain just really freaked out. It was new to him.
Sunday came along and we were at Rick's Sisters for his mother's birthday dinner and his splint had slid down again past his knee. So Rick, Steve (my bro in law) and I went in the bedroom and rewrapped it again. He freaked out and wanted it back on again. I have to admit it was REALLY HARD to see it. I did all I could to keep myself together to get it taken care of. His swelling has gone down and so the splints that were molded around his leg no longer fit.
Monday morning I had taken him and Jaxon to Ruth's while I went with the girls to Harmony and when I picked him up it was sliding again. I brought him home and so I unwrapped it and started making phone calls.
Jaxon was the only one here with me I asked him to help me keep him distracted and he totally did as he stared at his leg he kept saying "Karsen watch Scooby Doo" he was such a big boy about it and handled seeing it very well. I got a hold of the doc's and they said take him to Shriners.
I took Jax back over to Ruth. So thankful for her!!
Karsen and I went up to Shriners where we were checked right in and taken back to the casting room. As we were hanging out I was distracting him because his splint was off. We read books, sang some songs and laughed. As we were hanging out his Plastic Surgeon walked in the room by chance. I was actually listening to a message from his office. He said let's take a look at it. Unwrapped it and said it looks great! I asked if he was sure and he said I know it looks terrible to you but it looks just fine to me. So that saved me the appointment on Thursday with him. Then Marci his Ortho doc came in and checked him out and took out his staples. She sent us to Prosthetics to be fitted for his plastic sleeve. His Camo Scooby Doo leg is what he calls it. Then we went down and resplinted it and then we were sent to Physical Therapy they were closed till 1 so we went and had lunch together. We headed up there and they gave him a walker and WOW is all I can say. He was amazing. Crawled off the bed he was on and walked across the room a little. He is so strong it was such a happy moment for both of us.
5 hours later with no stroller we were very ready to go home. We had done so much in one day I think we were both so exhausted. When we got home he was so excited to show Daddy, Jazmine, Kyliane and Jaxon how he could hop with his walker. They were so supportive and excited for him. It made me as a mother feel so proud to be their mother. I was so happy and full of joy to see them cheering him on.

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