Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflections...3 years later

It's crazy that we are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of one of the most life altering experiences for me and my family. I hate to bring up memories...but in reality that is what September is for me. While I love the change in season, a chance to wear my hoodie's and sending the kids to school I still feel an anxiety for this month. Between the original accident and a year after him breaking his leg I am grateful that we are doing good since then.
So many things have happened since I blogged last...
**Karsen is now on leg 7 and will be fitted for a new leg next week. He's growing up so fast people think him and his older brother Jaxon are twins!
**He finished up Private Kindergarten at Little Critters which he absolutely loved and was accepted into 1st grade by his amazing new teacher Mrs. Dangerfield.
**We held a Zumbathon this year in honor of Shriner's Hospital and all the work they have done for us. Thanks to all that donated we raised over $1000 for them and can't wait to do it again and raise even more!!! In the world of prosthetics that helps but so much more is needed :(
**Karsen also learned to finally ride his bike. He's still working on it but I'm grateful he is taking it easy.
**He's been able to meet some incredible new friends that struggle with the same amputation but they are all amazing who they are and what they teach us.
**Karsen has thankfully been very healthy and way happy. He's turning 6 on the 22nd and some days I feel like he's turning 10. He's so mature and smart...not sure where he gets that from but I'm proud of him.
He continually gives me strength everyday as I watch him be him. He goes to school with confidence. I worried so much about him entering school and kids not being nice. He told his teacher and class on the first day that what made him unique was not that he had a prosthetic leg but that he helped me do the dishes.
That kid makes me laugh everyday and when I look into his beautiful eyes I thank God I still have him...the memory of that nightmare will never fully go away but the joy of what it has done in our lives for the better makes it all so much better.
September is definitely a remembering month and I look forward to many more that are full of positive happy memories.