Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today's been great!

Today has been a great day. Karsen slept all night and woke up in a decent mood. He was even woken up a couple times, once to change his bedding since it was covered in blood from the graft site. We all got some sleep thank goodness. Grandma Diane and Grandpa Bob came up again and played with him made him laugh and giggle it was a sweet sweet sound. It's been a few days. My mom and my aunt Susan wanted me to go with them to go shopping with my Grandma for her birthday so I bucked up and did. I went after they finished Karsen's blood transfusion he was a little low so they had to perk him up. It made him feel better and was much more lively. That and the vallum made him a happy kid. Did you know a hospital bed can almost fold you completely in half? Even if Dad is sitting in it with you. When I left both dad and Karsen were happy and smiling.

We went and picked up my Grandma and made a quick stop at a baby shower I was invited to. I think they were a little shocked to see me there but it was awesome to see some old friends. We then went to Kohl's and Target. It is so weird the further I got from the hospital the yuckier I felt. I just kept breathing and telling myself I was ok. I only called Rick two times and text him for just a little bit. I was happy to hear Karsen slept most of the time. Tali and Steve came to keep Rick company I was glad. Then Shad and his girls came by.

I made it back safe and sound and Karsen was alright a little uncomfortable. I brought some Arby's back and Karsen chowed down on a roast beef sandwich. Carl, Tamara & Steven Thompson were here visiting. They had been to a Car Show where Carl had a banner on his windshield for Karsen. Thanks to Office Depot I believe had made it for free. The Thompson's have truly helped so much. They own TLC which is a cleaning business and were in my home the night of the accident scrubbing away. They offered to help us out so we can work hard at keeping the germs out while Karsen is home recovering. They are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone.

Then my friend Amy and her hubby Troy came up. They so graciously brought up my Nintendo DS and had gotten Mario Kart for Karsen. He played it in the playroom and loved it and since he is on bed rest they were happy to get it for him. He has been so awesome playing with it. I think Rick has played it more and it has become a battle. I will have to see if one of the girls will bring dad one to play. lol

Grandma Debbi came up and hung out with Karsen. He loves his Grandma's so much. Gave Rick and I a chance to go for a walk and get some yogurt. Now we are hanging out playing and watching a movie. Today has been a great day for my baby considering his situation.


  1. So good to hear! I'm glad you got out for a bit, even if it was hard for you it was probably good for you at the same time! Good luck today!

  2. We are constantly thinking of your family and praying for you! Love and best wishes!

    The Telfords