Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update and Much Gratitude!

I just wanted to update everyone on Karsen. Today we went and saw his Prosthetics Dr. Pete and his Ortho Dr. Marci and they like how he is healing and moving around. We are all concerned with where the Skin Graft is on the back side of his leg. The skin is not very flexible and looks as though it is stuck to the bone. The "sock" we put on before his Transformer prosthetic leg is silicone and is meant to to help his leg heal. When we put him in his leg for too long it rubs wrong and breaks the skin down creating scabbing. Marci told us to take him into his Plastic Surgeon Dr. Faizi and have him look at it. We most likely will end up doing a surgery to help loosen up the skin. We are scheduled to go in on January 12th so we will see what happens. I am happy to report we no longer need Scooby!! It is too big and he is getting around just great without it. He's actually quite the monkey.

I also took Karsen into his Pediatrician and ENT to have his 3 year old check up and his ear tube check up. Karsen had tubes put in his ears in December of 2007 and last February he had to have one replaced and the other unclogged. He gets ear infections and congested so often he really doesn't complain it's almost normal. I had both of these appointments set up right around the time of the accident and had to obviously hold off. Anyhow at his 3 yr check up our Pediatrician had told me that the right tube had fallen out and to keep an eye on him. Low and behold a week or two later he woke up in the middle of the night very uncomfortable we didn't know if it was his leg or his ear until the next morning. We took him in and the doc said he had a RAGING ear infection. We got him on antibiotics and I asked if we needed surgery to please do it before the end of the year and so we are on January 31st. Squeezing it in before deductibles start all over. He's amazing he will have had more surgeries then all of us combined poor dude!

On a much more HAPPIER & HUMBLER note I want to express our GRATITUDE to EVERYONE!! We have seen so many blessings and miracles in our time of trial and I feel like I can't express enough to everyone how incredibly thankful we are. We have had so many of you pray for us, donate money, donate time, donate food, and now donate several Christmas gifts for our family. I am overwhelmed with how Thankful I am and feel bad that I don't know how to show everyone how I feel. I love all of you and want you to know that the prayers, kind words, cards, concern, donations of all kinds, help with the kids, help with our home and absolutely everything has not gone unnoticed in anyway shape or form. Please let us know how we can return the favor and pay it forward.



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