Friday, September 25, 2009

The unfortunate truth...

I am Karsen's mom and want to let you all know how this unfortunate event happened.
My husband Rick and I were outside working in the yard and Karsen was out front riding his new bike. He had his helmet on but no shoes (not sure why he had no shoes). We have a ride on lawn mower and I jumped on it and started mowing following Rick with the trimmer. Mind you I was grumpy and in a lot of pain and wanted to just get it done. Rick was out front and I was out back. Karsen walked towards me from the front and I thought to myself 'pick him up he's the only one home and he'd love to ride with you.' But my bad attitude and selfishness got the best of me and I told him to go play so I could just get it done. **Note to all you mothers follow your instincts and the promptings you receive. I then made a circle and was up along the fence. Our mower has had some problems so I was fidgeting with it along the fence trying to adjust the chute that the lawn goes up. I was in reverse and stopped for a second and then kept going. (This is where if you don't want the details you need to stop reading.)
I backed up and thought that the mower was grinding on the chute. Then something flew out of the mower and I stopped immediately. I jumped off of the mower and began screaming. My beautiful baby looked at me with a horror in his eyes I will never forget. I looked through the open gate and screamed for Rick and then pulled Karsen out from under the backside of the mower. All I saw was this bone sticking out and skin dangling. Thanks to Heavenly Father I had strength within me I never ever knew I had. I ran out to the car screaming with my cell phone in hand unable to make a call. All I could think was 'hold him tight so he doesn't lose more blood.' I jumped in my little Mary Kay car and Rick ran to grab the keys (which he couldn't find and explains the new hole he punched into the wall). We drove like bats out of hell literally to Jordan Valley hospital. I held his as tight as I could. All Karsen kept asking for was a bandaid. I informed him he needed a heck of a lot more then a bandaid. We ran him inside to find no one at the desk. I screamed for help and the janitor pointed us in the right direction. The whole place seemed to be shaking. I continued to hold his head as they tried cleaning out his leg. It was severed from mid-calf down and unsalvageable. As a mother I tried to keep it all together but the horror had the best of me. He was doing well for what it was. He was just crying till they sedated him to help him relax. They then life flighted him to Primary's where we met him. At the time we were at the hospital they sent Rick back to the house to salvage whatever parts he could. Unfortunately, the lawn mower chopped his foot in half and tore up everything. He brought back everything he could find.
I was grateful Rick was able to make the phone calls he did because I was completely beside myself. Heavenly Father made him the strongest man I know. His mom Debbi made it to Primary's as Karsen landed so she was here when we couldn't be and to that I am grateful.
The drive seemed to take forever but it gave me a chance to breakdown so I could be strong again when I saw my baby boy. My feelings and thoughts are indescribable and a whole other post.
They cleaned him up the best they could and are taking good care of him. This little man is the strongest little guy I know. He must get it from his dad. His vitals and blood pressure and everything stayed stable the whole time.

He went in for surgery around 2 while we waited. I can't tell you how much having family and dear friends with me helped has helped. I'm trying my hardest not to beat myself up. But I'm his mom and I did it so I do. Time will tell when I can forgive myself.

I only tell you all of this because so many are wondering. I don't want to relive the story over and over and only Rick has heard the entire thing in gory detail. (I give myself no excuses for what happened. Bad mood or not I should've listened. I have feared something like this would happen ever since we got that lawn mower two years ago. It is now gone . I asked for it to be removed from my home. I don't ever want to see it again. Whoever has it may try to sell it to help with the costs of this whole incident. Thank you!)

Please keep praying for him and I will update you on each detail of my baby Karsen's amazing recovery.


  1. I give myself no excuses for what happened. Bad mood or not I should've listened. I have feared this happening since we got that lawn mower two years ago. It is gone I asked for it to be removed from my home. I don't ever want to see it again. Whoever has it may try to sell it to help with the costs of this whole incident.

  2. I haven't met you, but I lived in your neighborhood 10 years ago and have kept in contact thru FB with some friends there.
    I'm so sorry! I feel very deeply for you. I just keep thinking that this could happen to ANYBODY. Please know that every mom that will hear this story will NEVER fault you, and has such compassion for you.
    He is darling and when all is said and done he will have a perfect replacement and he'll be up and running again. He's so young, he won't remember the incident at all.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Kelly Hall

  3. I am a newer Mary Kay consultant in your "area" and I just wanted to say I'm so sorry that you are going through this right now. You are in our thoughts and prayers out here in Montana... Continue in faith! Karsen is such a brave little boy, and I know it's because he has a family that love him! You are not to blame- it was a horrible accient, that is sadly very common.
    I hope all goes well. Heavenly Father will provide a way to see you though this financally, emotionally and physically. Much love, Kelly Moore - Havre, MT

  4. Nicole, you are a beautiful, competent, loving, and amazing mother. You can't beat your self up over the accident. That's just what it was, an accident. I have no doubt, that with everything you have gone through this week and all that you will go through in the next few months, will make you a stronger person. Your testimony will be strengthened, and the love you have for your family and friends will increase. Thank you so much for you example of great courage. I don't know that I could ever be so strong. Thanks for being such a great neighbor and friend. Our love and support are with you.

    Carollee Tautkus

  5. Nicole this is not your fault! Karsen is alive and he is going to do just fine! He already has two surgeries under his belt! You have to be very strong for him to heal! YOU are a GREAT MOM!!!!

  6. I love you so much Nichole and I know everything will be OK. The Johnson Unit is going to take care of your unit. I am here for you if you need anything. I have sent this blog to all my family and most of them are donating. My hart is fill with love for you and your cute family stay strong.


    Krista Echeverria.

  7. Very powerful story, I will be donating $$ and following this blog, God Bless You and your family, be strong and know there are strangers out there that care. I am so sorry, you and your son are examples (angels to me) to many people who think they have problems. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Nicole, I am sure it is hard not to blame yourself...that's what moms do best, BUT, accidents happen and as I can clearly hear from your post that you are a woman of faith. Only God can understand the "why". You must seek Him AND counseling. I am also a mother of a 3 year old and believe he will bounce back quickly! I received your information through a friend. I live in Florida and know nothing more about your family than this. Each month I wait for the Lord to send me a "sign" of where I am to tithe additional monies. Obviously, He picked your family. God's Blessings and quick healing for ALL of you. Michelle

  9. This story breaks my heart! I am so sorry for the hardships you are facing. I know Heavenly Father blesses children with such resilience that he will bounce back! He looks like a very energetic happy little boy, and they have such amazing prosthetics now! I will continue to pray for little Karsen and your family! Remember, accidents do happen! I can't imagine how you are coping with all of this, but just know there are lots of strangers out there that are praying for you and sending you hugs through CyberSpace!

  10. You are a strong person and a great Mom. I am praying for Karsen, and for you.

  11. My heart goes out to you and you adorable family. Karsen sounds like a tough little guy and he will be able to achieve amazing things in spite of his accident. Please don't beat yourself up. We are here to live, learn and love. It sounds like you have a very strong family and will make it through with the blessings of heaven. Our prayers will mingle with all the others throughout the world.

  12. I have no idea who you are, I have never met you and I found a picture of your buitiful little boy because my girlfriend who I love dearly was involved in an accident and will need an operation and I stumbled across a picture of Karsen. I ended up reading your story and many of your posts and I want you to know that I have so much love for your entire family. I wish you the best and I see this kid is gonna grow up to be AMAZING.

  13. I just found your accident story while researching LMA's. I pray you and your family are recovering well. I run a page on Facebook called "Lawn Mower Accident Support and Prevention". Also I have invented a new safety device that can eliminate a child or pet from being run over by a lawn mower. Google "Little Feet Safety Systems" to see the future of lawn mower safety.