Monday, September 28, 2009

Nicole and Rick celebrate the small steps....


"I just watched Karsen climb out of his wagon onto his bed. My heart is so full of joy! Nothing's gonna hold my Ironman down."

Rick, "I just finished playing with Karsen. I got back to the room and told us he was going to get in bed by himself. So he did. He wouldn't let us touch him and he lifted himself up and got on his bed. Thanks everyone for the prayers and visits and support! I don't know where we'd b without all of you!!"


  1. Way to go Karsen! We knew you could do this! We are so very proud of ALL of you! Stay strong you can do IT!!!

  2. You have such a strong little boy with strong parents!! My prayers and thoughts are with you all! He is such a cute little man and such a fighter!
    Laura Williamson