Friday, September 25, 2009

Karsen Mery Trust Fund...

On September 24th, just 2 days after his 3rd birthday, Karsen Mery had a very tragic accident with a lawn mower. This sweet toddler's leg was cut off to mid-calf. He's being really strong, and is stable and going to live. With many more surgeries to go, this family will face many outrageous hospital bills. The parents are self-employed, so this accident will strongly impact their ability to bring in income while getting care for their son. For these reasons, a trust fund has been set up to help the Mery family provide Karsen the best possible care. If able, donations can be made in his behalf into the Karsen Mery trust fund at Mountain America Credit Union or donate directly via a link on this site. Continue to check back for updates. Please keep Karsen and the Mery family in your thoughts and prayers. Miracles happen! If you'd like to read more details of the incident, his mother was brave enough to post them below. We know it's very hard for her to have to relive the incident in our behalf, but so many friends and family are curious. We felt it best that she posted it once, so she didn't have to retell it over and over. Please pray for Karsen, his family and Nicole (his loving mother)! They all have healing to do!


  1. I am so sorry this happened to your baby boy. He is adorable and I just hope you know that accidents happen to everyone and everything we go through here prepares us for the life to come. Your family is in our prayers!!!

  2. To whomever started this blog, THANK YOU!! Karson is my nephew and I am really grateful for you getting the word out about Nic and Rick's needs. You rock!

  3. Alisha Sell a great friend of ours started it. Thank you Alisha and Thanks everyone for the prayers. They have helped already so much and will be continually needed.


  4. We love you Nicole and your sweet family! We are praying for you! Please let us know whatever we can do to help in anyway! I added you as an author on this blog, so you just have to accept the invitation I sent to your msn email and then I can make you an administrator as well. That way you can post updates, pics, etc at will.

  5. Nicole,
    My heart aches for you and your sweet family. The one thing I know for sure is that you have an incredibly strong family! Stay on your knees even when you don't know what to say anymore. Through time Heavenly Father will help you, Rick, Karsen and the rest of your family know the blessings you will gain from this tragedy. I just know you will impact many people's lives through getting through this amazingly overwhelming experience. I know there are people down the road that only you will be able to help because of this trying time. I love you so much and wish I could ease your pain. I miss you! I will keep you all in my prayers!
    ~Christi Richards

  6. Nicole and Rick, we heard about Karsen's accident from the Daltons. You are in our thoughts and prayers. This blog is a wonderful idea and we will be checking back often to monitor Karsen's progress. May the healing begin (for all of you!)

    - Katie Fielding

  7. I heard about sweet little Karsen from my brother Shad and his wife Melony. My family's prayers and thoughts and wishes for peace and comfort are with your family!