Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh the joys...

So the day this all happened I put on my FB status that I was going to have a good day even if it killed me. I was grumpy, upset, stressed out and sore. I was overwhelmed with the yard work, messy house, keeping up with kids, my husband finding out there's not much work and worrying about working more myself. Well then this all happened. So yesterday we wake up and I am excited Rick and I both actually slept and Karsen slept all night. So again I put we are going to have a good day and well I have learned my lesson.

Karsen was much more fussy, whiny and frustrated so it made it a hard day dealing with him and still wishing as parents we could take it all from him.

Then my oldest Jazmine calls and complains about a lump in her throat so I call our medical center and have my mom take her in and woohoo she has strep. AGAIN!! So of course I feel torn that I can't be in two places to be there for both of my children. UGH!! I am so grateful to my mother for having the kids and being able to take her in and the great neighbors Ruth and Jason.

Then Rick's grandparents were on their way up to visit us (actually on Saturday) and ended up taking a much needed detour to the VA Hospital. His Grandpa Leon wasn't feeling well and it was a good thing that he went because he was having a heart attack. They have kept him there and have done stress tests. He has had another heart attack since he's been there. One of them killed the lower part of his heart and the other has done some other damage. He won't find out till tomorrow if another stint will help. Leon is a very important person in our families and

THEN... Sunday evening I wasn't feeling well. I promise I have been eating and drinking but not as much as I usually do. (I work out every morning and drink a lot of water during and after and then follow it up with a protein shake). Since I am completely off my groove and well when I need to be there for Karsen my brain isn't thinking about food. So I ended up feeling overwhelmingly nauseous and ended up throwing up. Several times. I would sleep in between episodes and well it got to the point I was using the restroom stood up to wash my hands and thought I was going to throw up again and ended up slowly going to the floor. I sat by the door giving myself a pep talk in reaching up to get the door handle. I finally got it and fell out the door and called out for Rick my husband. He jumped up and helped me up and asked if I was ok I knew I wasn't so he walked me over to the U of U hospital ER. They took me back and my blood pressure was around 78/36 and I ended up needing 3 bags of IV fluid. NO FUN!! I was worried about Karsen being alone and Rick being so tired and worn out. They released me around 7 we came back to Karsen cuddling with our awesome nurse. We all then passed out till about 8:30 when they started preparing us for his Wound Vac/dressing change. That's a whole other post.

We are all feeling better now. Karsen is good just dealing with the pain. I feel almost back to 100%.


  1. Dear Merys,
    I am so glad that you have finally been able to get some rest. I have been thinking about you constantly and praying for all of you. It seems like when it rains, it pours! Keep hanging in there!
    Warm regards,
    Tami Pulley Telford (Shad and Melony's sister)

  2. Hi Mery Family...

    Despite having never met anyone in your family, and finding out about this tragedy through a friend (Kim Stokes) on Facebook, I'm so saddened for what your whole family is going through. It's so tough as a parent to watch your child in pain, wishing you could take the pain from them, and not being able to... When my daughter was about a year old I was holding her while cooking and she stuck her hand straight into the frying pan when I turned my head for a split second and got very severe burns all over her hand... that alone broke my heart, so I can only imagine the pain that your family is going through. =(

    I am running the St. George Marathon on Saturday, and was wondering if it would be okay if I ran in Karsen's honor? I'll donate money for every mile that I run, and see if I can get my family and friends to do the same. It's not much, but hopefully every penny will help. =) Let me know what you think.


  3. Candace,
    That is a wonderful and very thoughtful idea! I am sure the Mery's would LOVE that as they will take all the support they can get right now. Thank you!