Friday, September 17, 2010


After a long recovery we were invited to go to New York to work with Dr. Mike Joyce from Advanced Prosthetics. He is truly an amazing man and did great with Karsen.
We had a few hard spots and up until the last day I was really nervous we'd come home having wasted our time and money. We were running out of time and the cost to get out there was already so much. Thanks to my Mary Kay business I had the opportunity of earning the money to take us there. We didn't have it in our budget just to pick up and go so I am truly grateful to all my family, friends, team members & clients that helped get us there. Thanks to Dallin Larsen, Katy Larsen and Mike Joyce from MonaVie and the M.O.R.E. Project for also helping us get there and get home ;)

We first had a mold made and within 24 hours and getting him up and walking his muscles and leg reacted and grew so we had to create a new mold. We spent over 40 hours hanging out in his office and on the last day they had perfected it. We put Karsen's leg on with no fuss, no fight and no crying. It fit great. We then booked it to the airport and unfortunately missed out flight. So we got to spend one more night at Dr. Joyce's beautiful home. The hospitality of him and his family was incredible.

Dr. Mike Joyce and his amazing staff worked for hours creating a vacuum suction leg for him. We are so grateful for amazing people like these guys!! .

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