Friday, September 17, 2010

Karsen Happens!!

As we come up to Karsen's 4th birthday and 1 year from this horrific accident. We have planned birthday parties and events to celebrate the progress that Karsen has made. Unfortunately we have another 6 week set back.
I took Karsen with some friends to the park and he was playing on a seat that spins.
He sat down on it on our way out. I went to grab my water bottle across the way and heard a child scream "someone stop me, stop me, stop me!!" realizing it was Karsen I ran over as fast as I could to stop him. I was about 5 ft away when he pushed himself off. (Sure wish the two moms standing near him would've helped me out). After getting to him and seeing his leg in a weird position I thought it was just his prosthesis well I was wrong. The lady (standing near him) covered her mouth saying oh my gosh his leg. I assured her it was probably his prosthetic. I rushed over to my friends van taking off his leg while running and him screaming...that heartbreaking cry I heard almost a year ago. I knew something was so wrong. I got his leg off and then laid him down near the car to pull his pants off to get his liner off. When I pulled his pants off I saw his thigh swollen and thought to myself "Please no don't be broken". Unfortunately it was. We put him in the car and rushed to Riverton IHC where they took xray's and said his left Femur was broken. They then transported us via Ambulance to Primaries. Once we arrived there I told them to call Marci his Othopedic Surgeon to at least let her know. She called me while I was there and told me if I could get to Shriner's she could get me in right away if we wait at Primaries it would be 10pm. So my Brother's (who were there waiting for us when we arrived at Primaries LOVE THEM) found us a ride to Shriners. We finally got to Marci. Karsen was comfortable after 4 mg of Morphine and a splint. He wanted to go home and didn't like the description of the Spica Cast he overheard us discussing. I was and still am heartbroken. Our life yet again is altered. We were finally using his leg for everything. He had started preschool and now we are back to square one only to look forward to him learning to walk again.

His cast starts at his chest and goes to his calf on his right side and covers his whole amputated leg. He has an opening to go to the restroom (we've been using a bottle lol). This was the first time any of the doctors working on him had ever done a spica cast on an amputated leg. We now have to worry about his leg shrinking too much and growing improperly. We can make up for it if it does a little with a prosthesis but won't know till we get there.
This poor guy has been through hell. It took him about 24 hours to realize he is completely immobilized and has to depend on Rick and I fully for anything. It's going to be a rough 6 weeks for him but I am grateful for my amazing kids that are willing to sit and play with him. Nothing warms my broken heart then the sound of his laughter with his syblings & visitors.

Thank you Brandon & Tracy for being there for me at the hospital I can't tell you how good it felt to have warm embracing arms to hug. Thanks to Kara, Grandma Debbi and Tali for visiting and helping us (me) with so much. Warm reassuring hugs mean the world even if its partnered with a good cry. Thank you to everyone that has called, email and been there for us even friends of friends and family and strangers. Thank you all!!


  1. So sorry to hear about the spica cast. You may be interested to read what other parents say about how the CastCooler helped with their hip spica cast experiences.



  2. Oh man that just sucks! I am glad that he is on the healing process now. Keeping your family in my prayers and if you need anything please let me know.