Monday, April 16, 2012

Wow It's been a long time...

It's been a while since I've updated Karsen's blog. So many things going on. Recently we went to Shriner's for a new leg. Karsen is growing rapidly which requires fittings every 7-9 months. Thank goodness his doctors up at Shriners hook us up with great designs and work so well with him.
I can't believe what a difference minor adjustments can make. I am posting a pic of all the many designs we've had and different "legs" he's had since that horrible day in September 2009. Karsen is a champ and acts as if nothing is different about him. He's such a smart little guy. We currently have him in Private Kindergarten (since his bday misses the deadline by 22 days) and we are very excited to have him move into 1st grade next year. He's also developed another kind of smart...a smart alec. He's a master at teasing and taunting everyone just to make ya made enough but then he laughs. He's quite a jokester. Just the other day he came in and told me he wished we had the old lawn mower. I of course asked why and his reply was "so we could cut off my other leg then I could walk anywhere and not get thorns in my foot." My 10 year old Jazmine and I looked at each other with a little shock in our faces and realized apparently he's not a fan of shoes. Crazy kid makes me laugh even with his insane sense of humor.

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