Monday, January 18, 2010

Karsen's due for another Surgery...

Karsen is due for another surgery on St. Patricks day. His Plastic Surgeon is going to go in and remove the Skin Graft and stretch his good skin over and close it so it will all be his smooth skin. If you can't tell Karsen's graft is pretty much attached to his bone. So when he wears his prosthetic it rubs wrong and causes scabbing which makes him uncomfortable. It also makes it hard to put on his transformer leg because he needs it to heal.

When they do the surgery they are going to put in a bubble. Two weeks after the surgery they will go in and slowly fill it will water once a week for 4 weeks. The bubble will help keep the skin from attaching to the bone. After that they will remove the bubble and **fingers crossed** it will look so much better and be able to handle longer wear on his prosthetic. I'm looking forward to that!!

On a more fun note. Karsen is CRAZY and is not afraid of much. Today he started trying to climb the fridge with his feet then the counter then the door. He succeeded after we moved some stuff out of the way and Voila' he is doing handstands up against the door. Love my monkey!!

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